MetaPath[3] aggregates major public #DEX #Bridge #NFTMarketplace and supports one-click cross-chain for hundreds of assets! Better security, lower risk, faster exchange.
For MetaPath Swap session, in order to provide a better cross-chain service to our users, MetaPath aggregates at least 1 to 2 DEX/Swap for each chain. More DEX/Swaps are connected for mainstream public chains. Examples like, uniswap, 1inch, pancake, dodo, SWFT cross-chain bridge, Bridgers, NULS, BinanceBridge, CBridge, ClassZZ, Stargate. Right now, 25 platforms are connected. There are still lots of Swap out there, Metapath will continuously evaluate and aggregate more. Users do not need to switch back and forth between different swaps, MetaPath can do this for users. will connect to them all. 
Expect cross-chain swap, users can also trade NFTs and GameFi items with MetaPath. NFT Marketplaces such as Opensea, X2Y2, Treasureland, LooksRare, Rarible, Nftrade, Zara, Lootex, KnownOrigin, are aggregated.

GameFi platforms include Decentraland, Axie, Mobox, ZooGame, Crabada, Pegaxy, CryptoBlades, XWorldGame.

Metapath is a cross-platform routing aggregator on Web3.0. Not only swap platform, DEX and cross-chain bridges, MetaPath also supports NFT marketplaces and GameFi exchanges. The popularity of NFT is very high right now, more and more platforms come out one after another, listing prices are different, trading rules are different, it will be really complicated for a user to go back and forth to learn the platform, compare the price, etc. 

MetaPath aggregates more than 10 NFT trading platforms, including Opensea, LooksRare, X2Y2, to display the prices of different NFT trading platforms for users, and saves a lot of time and efforts. If there is a reward on the trading platform, MetaPath will also display it, and after the transaction is completed, the reward will also be transferred to the user's address. In addition, MetaPath supports cross-chain NFT transactions with hundreds of tokens. Theoretically, users can purchase NFTs with any mainstream tokens they have, which is very convenient.

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