My Pet Hooligan

My Pet Hooligan (MPH) is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection of uniquely built 8888 3D Pet Hooligans characters, developed with a variety of traits on the Ethereum blockchain. My Pet Hooligans was designed by AMGI Studios as an interactive P2E NFT ecosystem, engaging users (i.e players, NFT collectors, etc) with Hooli's adventurous tour within its metaverse whilst incentivizing players. [1]


My Pet Hooligans, commonly called "Hoolis", are rabbit-like built non-fungible tokens of different rarities, appearance, specialties, and forms.

Following a storyline, My Pet Hooligans gameplay aims to engage its users (i.e gamers) with an interactive NFT experience from AMGI Studios.

My Pet Hooligan NFTs are currently tradable on the OpenSea marketplace and it is useful for playing its game, staking, and accessing a user's Hooligan’s FBX files. [2]


My Pet Hooligan's gameplay is an interactive user-immersive play-to-earn game named "The Rabbit Hole".

Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole also referred to as the My Pet Hooligan's metaverse is a desktop PvP video game built in Unreal Engine 5.0. This P2E game (i.e play-to-earn), allows a user's Hooligans to earn $KARROTS and raise 'hell' (i.e riots) in the streets. The MPH (My Pet Hooligans) engage Meta Zuck Bots in combat to end the centralized metaverse, as claimed by the game feature.


My Pet Hooligans' story described how these Pet Hooligans were driven to farm $karrots and were bound to cages at the mercy of their overlord Metazuckbot, CEO of Zuck Corp.

The story further explained how an insurrection occurred and this rebellion led to 8888 Bunnies freeing themselves from captivity to realize their true potential in a new world void of constraints and laws- therefore becoming Hooligans.

Becoming Hooligans

The Hooligans were divided into 7 factions after their escape. Beginning from the "Hare Raisers" to the "Cypherbuns".

According to the gameplay and storyline, some of the factions reportedly returned to the dark side. Through experimentation and dark arts, they were programmed to combat the rebellion. Conclusively, Hoolis eventually had the formation of its eighth faction.


Personalized NFTs

Every user's (i.e collector's, player's, trader's) unique NFTs will be their playable characters in the game. The My Pet Hooligan NFTs aims to release the beta version of its P2E gameplay in Q1 2022, which has been in development for six months.

Play to Earn

My Pet Hooligan was built to utilize the play-to-earn mechanics, allowing players to earn $KARROTS (i.e the ecosystem's in-game currency) and NFTs while playing the game.


Users are able to stake their NFTs and earn $KARROTS.

3D Files

The 3D Files, also known as Hooligan’s FBX files, are required by users to animate content. [3]


Located in California, the AMGI Studios team is the creator and animating designer behind the My Pet Hooligan NFT project. With an emphasis on high caliber and powerful storytelling, AMGI Studios aims to restructure the landscape of animated content by combining quality talent with cutting-edge technologies, in creating unique characters.

Prior to the My Pet Hooligan, AMGI Studios have worked on other animation-related projects including Coldplay, Monterey Jack, Zeppelin Reign, Koko, and Flying Cars. [4]

Colin BradyChief Creative Officer & Chief Technology OfficerColin is a Pixar alumnus and celebrated animation visionary who is known for his work on Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, Game of Thrones, and HUGO. He has directed animation for Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Ang Lee, John Lasseter, and Martin Scorsese.
Kevin MackUnreal Engine Technical Director for AMGI StudiosKevin is VR and videogame developer, with deep experience in gameplay engineering and the business of making games.
Asif ZamilDeveloperCrypto native developer specializing in developing smart contracts that run on Ethereum mainnet and other networks.
Carl SchembriVirtual Production Designer and Unreal SpecialistCarl has worked as an animator and TV, Film and video games for 20 years. He has worked as an animator on Jimmy Neutron Franchise; has developed multiple video game titles and virtual reality games.
West PagliaCreative ProducerPaglia is a Crypto enthusiast and creative producer for AMGI Studios primarily focused on the intersection of entertainment and blockchain technology.
Luke PagliaChief Operating Officer & Producer at AMGI StudiosLuke was previously in Live action production before jumping into the animation world.
Tyler CulbertsonNFT Degen and content creative for AMGI StudiosTyler was previously the social media manager for RVCA, Toy Machine Skateboards, and Tony Robbins and continues to collaborate with them.
Tony DiioiaCo-Founder and Head of Consumer Products for AMGI Animation StudiosTony creates original content and has operated character-based entertainment companies throughout his 40-year career.
Luke SkyhopperCommunity manager and marketerLuke functions within the My Pet Hooligan in community management and marketing. [5]


  • Minting of My Pet Hooligan NFT by Q4 2021
  • NFT Staking by Q1 2022
  • Release of the T-Pose 3 D model for owners by Q2 2022
  • Launch of its Community Merch Store by Q1 2022.
  • Launch beta version of Rabbit Hole P2E game for 888 owners by Q1 2022.
  • Release of the Rabbit Hole game to all owners by Q2 2022.
  • 'The Others' Miniting TBD 2022.
  • Release of Phase 2 Roadmap. [6]
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My Pet Hooligan


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