Nanopass is a collection of 5,555 virtual plots in the Nanoverse that also double as an early access token. NANOPASSES provides customers with one "BLACK BOX" per week indefinitely. [1]


The Nanopass containS physical goods, other popular NFTs, or a donation to a charitable cause. The possibilities are limited only by user imagination as it will be the community that decides what they are.

The Nanopass was created by "nanoverseHQ". An unidentified developer has uploaded 5,555 strange NANOPASSES to the Ethereum blockchain. These passes allow users to directly pillage data fragments from within the Nanoverse using brute force. [2]

Nanopass has five  Archetypes which are Cyberpunk, Eastern Gem, Spacestation, Underworld, and Fantasy.

  • NANOPASSES are a type of early access pass that also serves as a virtual piece of land in the Nanoverse.
  • From a base collection of 22 unique and animated objects, each pass is procedurally created.
  • Weekly Black Boxes are available with passes.
  • Purchasing a pass ensures a spot in the private presale for Phase 2 of the larger project, which we've dubbed 'Project SUBNET' internally.

Black Box "What Inside"

Agents #0 and #1 have smuggled mysterious 'NANOPASSES' into the world... These passes can infiltrate the network once a week and steal data fragments from within. [3]

An anonymous engineer broke their code by luck and created 5,555 passes.

BLACK BOXES are the name for these data fragments. They may contain a dazzling array of precious objects, but only if you're lucky enough to get your hands on one that hasn't been tampered with. [4]


  • Agent Rei

He is the austere and solemn glue that ties the NANOPASS family together. He is the project's originator. He leads the charge in implementing our ambitious roadmap and transforming NANOPASS into the next bluechip NFT initiative, drawing on his breadth of expertise as Managing Director of multiple successful IRL businesses.

  • Agent Rui

Rui is an Art Director and Fearless Leader who champions all things artistic. Her unwavering attention to detail and aesthetic approach have earned her recognition. Her talented team has worked on hugely successful games like Valorant, and like any excellent leader, Rui would be nothing without her talented staff.

  • Agent Yuri

The Simps' leader and the Queen of Ramen. With her army of Ramen fans, she intends to rule the Nanoverse. She engages with everyone as a community leader, giving out free Ramen and abusing her Whitelist distribution authority. She works for a financial services company as a Head Marketer and was an early adopter of NFTs and Cryptocurrency.

  • Dev

He is the brains, the brawn, the hidden pillar behind NANOPASS. With over 10 years of experience in blockchain dev, he reads only in code.


Lead Marketer on a shoestring budget attempting the impossible She frequently expresses her dissatisfaction with the marketing budget to Rei. She is an ex-streamer of LoL and Valorant and a money management analyst. She spent most of the year studying for the CFA test until it was canceled due to a three-month shutdown. She now works as a full-time NFT aper.


  • Passes are available for Minting
  • NAnopasses revealed and Community vault comes online
  • Weekly [BLACK BOX] start Dropping
  • Unveiling of project Subnet
  • Partnership with other NFTs Drops
  • The Launch Additional Lines of Black Box
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