Nir Haloani

Nir Haloani is a developer in the spheres of Data compression, Artificial intelligence, and Machine learning has already gathered in his illustrious career, the Master Inventor title for issuing more than 13 patents in his fields of expertise.[2]


Talking about his education, the basic and primary institutions of his education is not currently available to media sources, after successful completion of these levels of education he went further to Tel Aviv University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Computer science between 1994 and 1997.  He later moved on to the Bar-Ilan University for a Master of Science degree in the field of Applied mathematics between 2002 and 2005. He progressed further in the academic lane in the same University to obtain a Phd in Applied Mathematics.[3]


COTI’s CEO Shahaf Bar Geffen and COTI’s CTO Dr. Nir Haloani announce the launch of the network
Nir Haloani started out his Career in Onset in the year 1999 as a Software engineer in Onset and remained with the company for the space of a year before joining the train of Messagevine as the Engineering Team Lead, a place where he had a long stint, spending a wholesome seven years.  In 2006, he took up a job with Infima Technologies, a company which he co-founded and acted as the Chief technology officer before moving to IBM as Research team leader where research was carried out in a bid to bring compression solutions to the market.  After leaving Infima Technology, he led a research team during his more than five years stint IBM, releasing about thirteen patents in the area of data compression, data analysis and also in pattern identification.[1]

In the year 2014 Nir Haloani cofounded and got engaged with yet another research company in Tel Aviv, the Articoolo Research, this time around as the CTO and Development Manager, the company runs an unconventional Artificial intelligence that generates distinctive, quality and readable content, building up such content from nothing replicating a real human writer.  Simultaneously as the CTO of Articoolo Research he took up an appointment in 2018 with COTI group also as the Chief technology officer, the COTI is a unique payment network which runs on its own base protocol called the Trustchain.[1]

The tech guru has already been accorded with the title of Master Inventor, not surprisingly as he has authored over thirteen patents in his fields, Nir has more than 19 years of experience leading research and development teams at a number of tech companies under his belt, making him a valued asset in the tech industry.[2]

About COTI

COTI boasts itself to be the first ever Blockchain protocol which is optimized for decentralized transactions in the world. The platform is designed uniquely to house the need of merchants, governments, payment Decentralized applications (dApp), and Stablecoin issuers. The first application released by the platform is the COTI Pay and it already has a strong network of about 5000 merchants with a huge 80,000 users already availing themselves with the unique features of the platform.[1]

I chose COTI over most other cryptocurrency projects as it takes a holistic approach to solving the fundamental problems in today’s payments landscape. COTI takes on a sophisticated behavioral approach to address the necessity of mediation provisions. The TrustChain™ layer was squarely created to incentivize honest, trustworthy conduct amongst network participant

The COTI platform utilizes a direct acyclic graph (DAG) ledger to bring solution to challenges with Blockchain platforms which alienates them from running mainstream and daily transaction needs.

said Dr. Nir.

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Nir Haloani


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