Share is a decentralized platform for bidding on FA2 coins and creating auctions. Tezos's largest NFT marketplace. OBJKT is the first and biggest FA2 marketplace on Tezos that allows auctioning and trading tokens across smart contracts. [1]

The Story[2] originated as a platform that provided additional tools and a unique user interface to Hicetnunc (HEN), the world's most popular NFT platform with the biggest transaction volume and active users.

Recently, has added support for NFTs from other Tezos ()-based NFT platforms. Users can now view, sell and buy Non Fungible Tokens from Kalamint, Bazaar Market, TZ Colors, and Interpop. [3]

Overview is the first FA2 marketplace that aggregates tokens across contracts and provides a cohesive user interface to interact with and trade multimedia NFTs.

OBJKT pieces are exclusive and limited in number by their very nature. OBJKT does not conform to the existing organization within the furniture landscape where its primary function of an archetype no longer serves to its supply chain as a playground packed with numerous possibilities. [4]

HEN artists and collectors can now sell their NFTs via auction on, a functionality that has yet to be added to HEN itself.

Anyone having HEN-based NFTs can log in to with their Tezos wallet and see their HEN NFTs appear in their OBJKT Collection.

The OBJKT is designed to be an Atelier designing authentic, innovative, and contemporary products. To be a leading and trusted provider of custom design solutions in the region offering premium products and superior customer service. [5]

Origin of OBJKT

OBJKT is a modern design 'Atelier' and manufacturing house whose mission is to blur the barriers between architectural and industrial design. OBJKT was established in Singapore in early 2020, with satellite studios in New York and Goa.

Design rigor, flexibility, sustainability, creativity, and intelligence are key to OBJKT's ideals. These beliefs are reflected in the products we create, the processes we use to create them, and our operations.

As an 'Atelier,' OBJKT is motivated by a never-ending search for fresh ideas and perspectives, which we bring to life through excellent design, cutting-edge technology, and ethical manufacturing. By being– The Living Atelier take pride in always researching unique techniques to reinterpret tradition, culture, and heritage, integrating these traits into a 'Living' contemporary lifestyle. [6]

Each OBJKT is designed in Singapore, then upscaled in collaboration with industry-leading factories, highly detailed craftsmen, and material specialists. Every design process begins with a primary focus on the collaborative effort between manufacturer and designer, as well as the industry and the mass market.

OBJKT’s Products

The items of OBJKT are made in batches. However, the nature of its products and the materials it employs are incompatible with entirely mechanical and totally automated processes.

OBJKT furniture is made in accordance with the original idea, combining modern production methods with professional handcraftsmanship. OBJKT and its partners promote regional sourcing, sustainability, and safety without compromise, providing ethical manufacturing and design of the greatest quality. 


The is a 3D universe that is now connected to the OBJKT API directly.

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