Pixelord (NFT Artist) (AKA Alexey Devyanin) is a visual artist and a musician who has taken the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) space by storm having collaborated with a number of popular NFT artists and has created his own NFTs on various platforms.


Alexey Devyanin (Also known as Alexey Devyanin) was born in Novosibirsk Russia and lived there for a long time. He had his formative years in Russia and also had his schooling there. Pixelord's background started as he used to work in Alias Maya (the program) in the gaming industry.

After working at Alias Maya, Pixelord started working on TV shows and ADs as a 3D designer and then started out with sound design and experimenting with making music. [1]

Having gained diverse work experience, Pixelord combines it all and now does all these for his own projects and some commercials too. For Pixelord he said:

Art always been in me, since my mother brought me into children school of animation, I did some basic stuff and got interest in creating own worlds- PixeLord (Alexey Devyanin).

His aggressive style combined with unique, throbbing beats, makes his art stand out in any collection. [2]

Pixelord & Interview

Pixelord was invited for an interview and was prospectively promised to participate in his future drops and collaborations.

When asked who his favorite artists (NFT) was, he said:

As a musician, my favorite artists are usually also musicians. I love, Aphex Twin, Hieronymus Bosch. Additionally, I am a huge fan of Lu Xing( he’s a scifi writer, but writing is also a form of art too right?)

He was also asked who his favorite NFT artist was he said Antoni Tudisco . Pixelord said what made him pursue NFT art, was that he saw it as a way to get back to creating artworks, maybe to learn more animation.

i use to make vapourware and post-internet web punk art in 2013-2016 and then switched more to music, didn’t have much time and motivation.

And this new NFT hype and possibilities made me to get interest again and learn new things like Cinema4D, and also i see sense it this now as i don’t need to make full CG video for my music, it can be short loop with my visuals and music and its already enough to exhibit virtually and probably sell- Pixelord

Travels & Passion

Pixelord was asked If he could travel anywhere in the world where would that be and what are his other passions asides from art. He said

I would like to go to Japan finally! so much cyberpunk and Japanese art around, its all very unique and also more classical Japanese art is interesting, also mad cool music from there.

The digital artist's passion lies in video games. He went on to say

I think in the future, soon, we probably can create interactive NFT art as a small games and sell it as well! lots of possibilities in NFT this is exciting, I hope it's not gonna be forgotten or regulated somehow, abandoned. this market looks real big now and growing.

Other Arts

Pixelord does other forms of art. He is specifically into painting in real world and he also makes music and sound art. He was asked how did he come up with his specific style, he responded.

My style is still in dynamics, it's not certain, I'm developing it. but still, I can be whatever and have few styles. now it's mostly some surrealistic 3D arrangements, something that I want to subtitle say as a massage, I'm a big fan of classic surreal art such as Dali and Bosch. that’s very cool this dada and surreal ideas are emerging again in new forms of art and even music.

Speaking on how his style had evolved over the years, Pixelord'ss style depends on the current cool things that surround him. Dating back to almost a decade, Pixelord said

In 2013 I liked post retro internet a lot, and loft nostalgia as well. all this reflected in my old arts, and now it's more 3D because of NFT and new computer possibilities, I can make more complex things and still use my way of combining stuff. this is mostly like playing with lego parts, I can make new things from unexpected objects. same stuff surrealists did they just didn’t have 3D software, they had to paint objects and see how they look in an unexpected environment.

Future & Prospects

What is coming in the near future, Pixelord was asked in an interview, he said:

I don’t know, decently more 3D collages and combined techniques. and of course more sound/visual art collaborations with other artists who actually can animate like crazy. I'm not yet in animation

Personal Life

Alexey Devyanin currently lives in Moscow, and there are few details about his relationship. He has accounts on social media handles on Twitter[3], and Instagram 

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