Psychedelics Anonymous

Psychedelics Anonymous is a utility-based profile image NFT collection that was minted on the Ethereum  in December 2021 with the goal of supporting people combating mental health issues.


Psychedelics Anonymous is an NFT project that brings together eye-catching utility-based PFPs, enigmatic narrative surrounding the entire ecosystem, groundbreaking P2E dynamics, and much more. Psychedelics Anonymous is a grouping of four distinct Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), each with a supply of 9,595 tokens, totaling 38,380 tokens, established by team lead Lewis Gale. The Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis PFP, IRL Pshycedelics Anonymous Pass, Metaverse Psychedelics Anonymous Pass, and Component #1 are the four NFTs included in the collection. [1]

Joshua Connelly, the team's lead artist, designed the Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis PFP, which will give token users unique access to limited-run products in the physical world as well as wearables in the metaverse. The genesis NFT will also provide holders with access to the project's support services, which include performance, business, and mental health services. [2]

Access to VIP metaverse and IRL areas, as well as staking and future decentralized autonomous organization allocations, will be granted as part of the genesis. The genesis NFT is the most prestigious degree of Psychedelics Anonymous membership according to the team.

In this enigmatic metaverse that has been masterfully constructed by the Psychedelics Anonymous team, each holder's Genesis PFP will always be a reflection of the owner. "We are the Night," is the slogan of this new universe, which has been buzzing constantly on Twitter for a while. Among other things, the idea promises professional therapy for its community, fitness clubs, IRL and metaverse events, and gear. Of course, donations to groups that provide psychedelic-assisted therapy are a huge part of it. [3]

“We Are the Night”

"We are the night," is their motto, and they have a page on their website that has a mysterious, sad feel to it:

Beneath the daylight where we sleep, the orchestral avalanche of passing cars and the mechanical grind of the system that enslaves has left us haunted and empty.As we push and pull, we rise and fall into the crowded noise like static - the constant clouding of our sunshine minds.Mute days descend into tired months - the repetition of existence. Only the shroud of night offers salvation, the blackened blanket staving off the apocalypse of isolation.At the zero hour, we gather in the darkness searching inner paths to outer worlds - an escape from the counterfeit dreams of our clockwork lives. Howling like wolves in a synchronous serenade, we seek out the machines - the ghostly shrines.We are waking up.

NFT Types

Psychedelics Anonymous is interesting in that it is offering four different kinds of NFTs made up of (1) Genesis and (3) Utility NFTs:

  • 9,595 Genesis Profile Picture (PFP) NFTs
  • 9,595 In-Real-Life (IRL) Passes
  • 9,595 Metaverse Passes
  • 9,595 Component #1s

On OpenSea, each of these NFTs will have its own collection. The community cited Bored Ape Yacht Club understanding they required a bigger community and then introducing the Mutant Ape Yacht Club Psychedelics Anonymous, who then separated their collection into four distinct categories.of Non-fungible tokens (NFT), totaling 38,380 NFTs to increase scalability. [4]

The community also has a Metaverse pass vs. an in-real-life pass since some members may be in rural locales and so don't require the in-real-life pass, while others in big metropolitan areas may benefit from the in-real-life pass.

Genesis PFP NFTs

The Genesis Profile Picture NFTs sold for 0.088 ETH (plus gas) each on mint.

These are the top-tier Psychedelics Anonymous NFTs, having "unrivaled access" to the community, including:

  • Physical merchandise
  • Metaverse wearables
  • Support services
  • Web3 accelerator access
  • VIP metaverse areas
  • VIP areas at IRL events
  • Future staking and DAO allocations

While the Genesis PFP NFT is unquestionably the best of the Psychedelics Anonymous NFTs, the team has stated that possessing all four types of the Psychedelics Anonymous NFTs has exclusive value. [5]

IRL Pass

The IRL Passes sold for 0.06 ETH (plus gas) each on mint.The IRL pass will provide access to all in-real-life Psychedelics Anonymous events, experiences, and partnerships as well as certain merchandise.[6]

Metaverse Pass

All Psychedelics Anonymous Metaverse events are open to Metaverse Pass holders.

It contains the following items:

  1. All Psychedelics Anonymous Metaverse events, locations, and clubhouses are accessible.
  2. Get first dibs on any future 'Metaverse Pass' wearables.
  3. One metaverse wearables pack, which may be redeemed for free.

Component #1

Component #1 is one of the first requirements for participating in the Psychedelics Anonymous mini game.

Physical objects, cryptocurrencies, limited-edition products, limited-edition wearables, and other rewards are available.

It contains the following items:

  1. 1 × Mini game access component is required.
  2. Access to staking, which is exclusive to the mini game.[8]
  3. The component includes a built-in burning mechanism. Component #1s were sold on mint for 0.045 ETH (plus gas) apiece.[9]

NFT Sale

Whitelist Presale

On December 23, 2021, at 7:00 a.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time, the whitelist presale for people on the Psychedelics Anonymous NFT started. On December 22, 2021, that was the equivalent of 4:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (here in the United States). The presale lasted 24 hours, during which whitelisted wallets could mint one of each of the four Psychedelics Anonymous NFTs, but wallets had to mint the Genesis PFP NFT as well to mint the non-Genesis PFP NFTs. They couldn't just make one or a few of the smaller NFTs.

The Psychedelics Anonymous NFT whitelist could be obtained in a variety of ways.

The most popular method was to follow Psychedelics Anonymous on Twitter and participate in Twitter contests. Collaborations with other collections, such as The Doge Pound, were another option for people to get on the Psychedelics Anonymous Whitelist.Of course, there were whitelist giveaways on the Discord from time to time.

Public Sale

On December 24, 2021, at 7:00 a.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time, the public auction for the Psychedelics Anonymous NFT commenced.

Cryptocurrency wallet were able to mint up to two NFTs for each of the four distinct kinds of Psychedelics Anonymous NFTs during the public sale, thus theoretically and subject to availability, one could mint up to eight Psychedelics Anonymous NFTs during the public auction ,one for each of the four NFT types.

Secondary Market

This is made available by those who minted the Psychedelics Anonymous NFTs can list them for sale on OpenSea, Nifty Gateway and various markets where they may be bought and held, as well as bought and sold.

Notable Sales

The NFT collection has seen quite an uptrend in its sales, with some items selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis #2958 is currently the most notable sale of the collection on OpenSea selling out for 40 ETH and priced at 50 an estimated $176,121.00 as of April 5, 2022.


Psychedelics Anonymous gave a $25,000 grant to Mind Medicine Australia, which is working with Psychedelics Anonymous to promote metaverse-based mental health services. This would enable a metaverse-based one-on-one session with professional doctors, as well as psychological support services, men's and women's particular support groups, and specialized psychedelics seminars, which will be available only to Psychedelics Anonymous members. 


There are seven members of the core Psychedelics Anonymous team. Professional marketers, a NASDAQ-listed company's CEO and CCO, finance professionals, an award-winning art director, and top-tier software engineers make up the Psychedelics Anonymous team.

Lewis Gale (Founder, Voltura Labs)

Lewis built into a successful non-traditional advertising agency with over ten years of experience in marketing, idea generation, and execution. Lewis is no stranger to pressure, having worked with a number of high-profile Nasdaq listed businesses with a combined market capitalization of more than $53 billion. The move to Web3 was unavoidable after two successful exits and a profitable firm created over the previous six years. After a six-month immersion in NFT research, it became clear that the moment was right to launch Voltura Labs. Lewis will step down as Managing Director of in order to concentrate on Voltura Labs.

In Lewis Gale's own words:"The team we’ve assembled is the reason we’ll succeed, professionals who are A-class players at the role we each play. We are ensuring the project is for the long haul through the team we have built. Having run a creative business for 6-7 years, and having creatives with 20 years experience each, plus the CEO of a publicly listed NASDAQ bitcoin miner on the team, we’re built for longevity through our previous experience"

Adam Sullivan (Creative Director, Voltura Labs)

Adam is a storyteller who uses interactions that entice rather than disrupt people to link them to things. For more than 20 years, Bxne has been generating compelling reasons for people to love companies via beautiful yet useful campaigns that drive emotions and establish connections. Adam develops experiences at Voltura Labs with equal parts inspiration and accuracy in order to expand and engage audiences.

James Manning (Advisor, Voltura Labs)

James Manning is the CEO and Founder of Mawson Infrastructure Group, a Nasdaq-listed sustainable Bitcoin miner (NASDAQ:MIGI). James is the Managing Director of Vertua, a publicly traded investment business focused on tourism, real estate, and money management assets, and has over 15 years of expertise in technology, accounting, logistics, and property development. James' experience includes solid business planning, asset and investment management, mergers and acquisitions, risk management and advice, private equity, and broader financial and commercial leadership.

Nick Hughes-Jones (Advisor, Voltura Labs)

Nick Hughes-Jones has been the Chief Commercial Officer of Mawson Infrastructure Group (NASDAQ:MIGI), a Nasdaq-listed Sustainable Bitcoin Miner, since its inception. Nick has over 15 years of expertise in financial markets and funds management, having previously worked for Bell Financial Group and Southern Cross Stocks, two of Australia's largest equities and funds management firms, where he handled over $500 million in assets under management. [10]

Kate Mahoney (Event Manager, Voltura Labs)

Kate is a driven and enthusiastic person who strives for perfection in all areas of her life. She has worked on initiatives in the fields of property, finance, marketing, events, beauty, hospitality, and fashion as her career has progressed. Kate has created solid connections with top tier operators such as LaSalle Investment Management, Colonial First State, Challenger, Savills, and Jones Lang LaSalle, which she continues to cultivate and maintain. Kate has launched her own company, The Corporate Life, with the goal of promoting young women who are entering the industry and aspiring to greatness.

Joshua Connelly (Creative Lead, Voltura Labs)

Joshua is a multi-award-winning art director with over 15 years of experience working with agencies in Australia and Europe. He's worked on campaigns for some of the world's most well-known businesses, continuously producing a diverse combination of winning ideas. Joshua deconstructs the lines between machine and art to create a series of bold visual expansions that elicit both thinking and emotion.

Matt Lim (Lead Developer, Voltura Labs)

Matt is a Web3 software engineer who is constantly creating new things. He formerly worked at Meta Platforms Inc, formerly Facebook, where he assisted in the development of software for a variety of initiatives, including Ray-Ban Stories. He's a seasoned developer who recently developed Nifty Pixels, an NFT pixel art store on the Polygon Mainnet.


The 3D avatar collection includes a detailed roadmap and a website that goes to great pains to demonstrate how it differs from other initiatives.

  • The first item on the agenda is a contribution to a psychedelic-assisted treatment group, which they did with a $25,000 donation to Mind Medicine Australia.
  • This is when a P2E gaming feature is introduced.
  • "The selected shall rise," declares the ascent.
  • The merch drop and the in-person events.
  • Strategic investment into a company that is studying and creating psychedelic-assisted medicines, and they aim to launch a Web3 Accelerator with one million dollars in capital funding, and then there will be a $PSY token, a DAO, a metaverse, and everything else.
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Psychedelics Anonymous

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