Steven Baltay, better known as Realimposter, is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York. His work revolves around surreal representations of organic forms that evoke surprise, disgust, and satisfaction[1]


Steven Baltay attends Drexel University where he earns a BS in Animation and Visual effects from 2011 to 2015. He further his studies at Pratt Institute where he earns his MFA in 3D Animation and Motion Arts, 2015 to 2017[2]

Professional life

In June 2011, Steven Baltay did his Intern at Stanford University in San Francisco Bay Area. during his internship program, he created a series of short animated videos for the geophysics department to illustrate how the Quake-Catcher Network operates ( Following this, he upgraded their website to a cms platform and completely redesigned the graphic face of the organization[3]

He was the Senior 3D Generalist at Quidd Inc from June 2017 to October 2018. Brooklyn NY. His duties/activities include sculpted, painted, and rendered high detailed characters with Zbrush and Arnold.

From August 2015 to May 2016, Steven was the graduate assistant at Pratt Institute. He Worked at the reception desk answering calls and assisting students. His beautiful and complex 3d art challenges the space for 3d renders and brings the inner weird to the public out. From rubber to slime, he dominates these magical video loops. 


Steven Baltay has re-invented motion graphics and also accomplished various honours such as Character Animation, Motion Capture, and Organic Modeling. His favorite animations created by him are Hangover animation and Rubber Stamp animation[4]

Interview Session

According to Steven Baltay during his interview session. He stated that

"I always have a list in my head of ideas that I’m constantly thinking about. Whenever I have time to sit down and make something I just go with my favorite idea at that moment. I don’t really sketch out anything, I just jump into 3d and let the scene evolve as I figure what works and what doesn’t. I almost never have a finished animation that looks exactly like my original concept".

He is the creator of multi-sensory experiences that combine art, media, and wellness for the purpose of relaxation, meditation, and play[5][6].

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