Realm (NFT Game) is a resource management game that uses NFT's to take it to another level. Strategically put together a collection of leaders to help restore the world back to order.


Realm is a resource management game where you strategically utilize your NFT leaders to save the world from devastation. Players will collect resources, unlock regions, build up your in-game Realm coins, level up your realm and much more.

The core game revolves around a not so distant and not so fictional future where the world is in turmoil due to war, famine, disease and meteors. The current leaders are failing and have lost control. A secret organization known as Realm is assembling a team to return the world to order. Players will be able to strategically build their Realm team with the ultimate objective of restoring order in each region. This will not be easy and it will require a lot of strategy from the player to choose when and where to utilize each leader to employ their unique strengths.

Built by a team of crypto enthusiast developers with a combined development experience of 30+ years and leveraging the power of the WAX blockchain, Realm allows players to collect, trade and upgrade their NFT leaders which will create a rich game and community experience.

Realm is a management game that requires the player to distribute their income on buildings, units and upgrades in the hopes of resolving the many issues facing the world. Deciding when and in what order to do these things will impact how quickly the player progresses. Players will use their leader NFT’s in combination with units produced to complete missions, increase their income and ultimately expand their Realm organization. [1]

Realm NFTs

Realm leaders and boosts are NFT’s based on the WAX Blockchain. With a combination of high-grade artwork and animations, Realm leaders are digital collectibles that people will desire to own. Blending and mutable properties on the leader NFT’s will allow players to further upgrade their NFT’s making them valuable to their Realm game and also to the secondary WAX marketplaces. Here is an overview of the different NFT’s in Realm:

There are 7 unique leaders all with different strengths and traits. We will be adding more leaders into 2022 to add more variety to the game. Here is an overview of each character:

The General

His superior leadership means he requires a fewer number of units to achieve the same results.

The Politician

Making use of his public relations skills, his assigned regions decline into chaos will be slowed.

The Pacifist

Bringing a peace and tranquillity to everyone around him, the rest of the team will become more effective with their specialties.

The Celebrity

She can raise the spirits of anyone in the same room. Completed missions will award additional bonuses to her assigned regions Status.

The Professional

With efficient time management, she can get the most out of any production line resulting in faster training of units.

The Economist

He is an expert in cost analysis and can find many ways to save money. This ability means a reduction in the cost to train units.

The Explorer

Finding the quickest route to remote locations means that he can navigate the lands faster and reduces the time required to complete missions

Rarity of Characters

All leaders come in 5 rarities ranging from 1 star to 5 stars. 1- star rarity is the base level rarity ranging to the most unique level 5-star leaders which will be sort after leaders which are very rare and valuable. The higher the rarity on the leader will strengthen their in-game boosts which are unique to each leader.


Each leader is strengthened by upgrading their rarity level, this is where blending comes into play. Blending leaders is the process of combining 3 of the same rarity leaders to make 1 leader of the next rarity up. Leaders will be burned in the blending purpose. E.g. 3 Generals with a rarity level of 1 star can be blended to create 1 General with a rarity level of 2 stars.

Promotional NFTs

Limited-edition promotional NFT’s have been released to the Realm community in the initial stages of the project (and some may be due in the future). These NFT’s will provide permanent buffs to players. Owning multiples of the same Promo NFT will not provide a stacking benefit.


Boost cards will be made available for players to purchase in packs or earn through events in and out of the game. Players will be able to use these boost NFT’s to gain unique power ups for their Realm. Boosts will be burnt when used.


The world of Realm is divided into 6 Regions. Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania. You will start your game with access to a single region. As you play, your Realm will level up and additional regions will become available. Each region will have an outpost, allowing you to construct buildings and send your Leaders on missions.

Each region you have unlocked will have a status associated with it. This is a value ranging from Poor (0%) to Excellent (100%). Completing missions in a region will improve this status. Out- standing missions will slowly deteriorate the status of the region. Maintaining your Region Status will be vital in progressing in the game as it directly affects your income.


Your Leaders will be a core part of the Realm gameplay. They are used for sending on missions, providing a multiplier to your income, and giving bonuses to you based on their unique special attributes. Leaders will be able to gain experience on-chain by completing missions. Once enough experience has been gained, they can be levelled-up. The bonuses they provide will be increased with each level up.


Command Centre

Establishing an outpost in each region will begin by constructing a Command Center. This building will provide your base income and house your Leaders. Upgrading this building will provide an increased base income and allow you to send more leaders on missions.

Training Facilities

Your leaders will need help completing missions and resolving issues. The Training Facility will be used to provide this help. Units trained here will specialize in different fields (military, scientific, medical, manual labour). Upgrading this building will provide access to more advanced unit types.


Your helping units will need a place to live. Housing will provide that and increase the number of units you can keep in your outposts. Upgrading this building will provide housing for a larger number of units.

Storage Vault

As you accumulate Realm Coins from the services provided, they will need to be stored somewhere. The Storage Vault will give you a place for them. Upgrading this building will provide storage for a larger number of coins.

Research Lab

The Research Lab will provide various enhancement opportunities for your buildings, units and leaders. Upgrading this building will provide access to stronger enhancements.

Transport Depot

Constructing a Transport Depot will give you access to additional income through the transportation and salvaging of goods around your regions. Upgrading this building will add additional modes of transport (Trucks, Planes, Boats).


There are many problems in the world of Realm and these are represented by missions requiring your help. Missions will have a type associated with them (War, Disease, Crime, Famine) that favour certain units and leaders. Success rates will be determined by your leader, the quantity and the type of units your send. Completing missions will reward you with experience for your Leader, an increase in the status of the region, and additional resources/bonuses.

World events are global effort missions that all players will participate in together. They will be available for a specified period of time and players will be ranked based on their contributions. At the end of the event, players will be rewarded with Leaders, Boosts and Realm Coins proportional to their performance.

Blockchain Integration

Realm will integrate with the WAX Blockchain and the WAX Cloud Wallet. Users will login with their Cloud Wallet to authenticate with the Realm Servers and store/retrieve their game state. To ensure players have ownership of their Leaders and in-game boosts, these will be represented by NFT’s stored in the players WAX Cloud Wallet. Leader NFT’s will have mutable fields that record the experience gained from completing missions which will be modified by the RealmNFT Servers. The currency used in Realm will be in-game only to start with, but we have not ruled out converting it to a token at a later date and storing it on-chain.

The Team

With 20 years+ development experience, Buzz has led teams and helped launch many enterprise applications used around the world by well-known companies. He was involved in his first crypto related project in 2017.

With a love for creating software that he would enjoy using himself, coupled with his interest in the crypto space, will lead to some exciting times ahead for Realm development.

A developer that lives and breathes crypto. With 16 years+ experience in full stack development, Ryano is the mastermind behind the game design of Realm.

Constantly sharpening his developer and crypto tools combined with an infectious enthusiasm, you only know beautiful things are coming.

T-bone is a master of everything “cloud”, with a passion for everything that the Azure platform has on offer. With over 5 years+ experience in hosting services for hundreds of enterprise companies, he is known for keeping things running smooth and fast. Branded as Mr 99.99% uptime.

Bon is a developers’ worst nightmare and best friend all rolled into one. With 13 years+ as a certified tester, she lives and breathes QA. Holding a blackbelt in taekwondo, any backchat will be dealt with quick smart. A love for breaking things will make for a bug free Realm (but is any software really bug free?).

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