Reflect.Finance (RFI) is a cryptocurrency. It is represented with the symbol “RFI”. It is the native token of the platform. RFI is an Ethereum token that re-captures the DeFi yield generation model[1][2][3][4].


RFI works by charging a 1% fee to every transaction that is carried out on the platform. This fee is instantly shared among all holders of the token. Holders of the token do not need to stake their tokens or wait for fees to be delivered. The fees are awarded by the smart contract and reflect immediately in the holders' balance.

The smart contract contains certain innovations that enable 100% of the fees generated on the platform to go to holders of the RFI token while blocking off the Uniswap pool or exchange wallets from earning any portion of the fees. The percentage of fees a token holder can earn is therefore calculated by the percentage of RFI that he or she owns among all holders. This method of earning generates a much higher yield than what obtains in other platforms.

Double Yield Capacity

It is a must in most DeFi applications, for users to stake their tokens in a contract in order to earn a yield. However, RFI holders can freely use their tokens in yield farming, 3rd party lending, or any other smart contract. They also earn yields from the platform’s transaction fees. To make this possible, the RFI smart contract discloses some new approaches that permit staking contracts to easily ascertain the fees earned by every holder at every point in time even when such funds held in a pool. This is an enormous achievement that permits direct staking of RFI as well as generation of double yield.


With RFI token, no team or central party exists that awards fees. No interface is also required to claim the fees. Token holders do not need to take any other action apart from holding RFI in a wallet controlled by them. With RFI, no vault exists, therefore there can be no hacking neither can treasury funds be misappropriated.


RFI has a complete smart contract at launch. There was no Initial Coin Offering, pre-sale, or fundraising of any kind. There are no more features to add. RFI does not rely on any individual or team to give it any value.


RFI has a total supply of 10,000,000 RFI and a circulating supply of 9,511,059 RFI. It recorded an all-time high of $2.84 USD on December 11, 202, and an all-time low of $0.087152 USD on November 29, 2020.


RFI token is listed on Uniswap and Bilaxy exchanges.

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