Rover is a protocol on the Spiderchain network by . It allows holders to stake their assets and participate in while maintaining liquidity through rovBTC, enabling them to earn rewards.[1][2]


Rover, established in 2024 and publicly introduced on X (formerly Twitter) in May of the same year, is dedicated to developingsolutions tailored for the ecosystem on the Spiderchain platform, developed by .

The protocol's primary objective is to enable holders to stake their assets and engage in while maintaining liquidity. Through the process, users can earn rewards in rovBTC, the native Token (LST) on Spiderchain, which represents staked within the network.

Rover aims to seamlessly integrate with established financial frameworks, leveraging a diverse team with expertise in technologies, traditional finance, consulting, computer science, marketing, and operations.

Security is a top priority, with comprehensive audits by reputable auditors planned to ensure the robustness and reliability of its platform.[1][2][3][4]


Rover Token ($rovBTC)

In collaboration with , rovBTC operates as Spiderchain's native Token (LST), designed to represent staked within the network's framework. Users acquire rovBTC by staking on Spiderchain, with the aim of facilitating various financial activities like borrowing, farming, and trading within the ecosystem. Rover has assembled a diverse team to support its ongoing development efforts.[4][5][6]


Rover has undergone three security audits conducted by reputable firms to enhance protocol reliability. On June 4, 2024, Trail of Bits assessed the RoleManager, rovBToken, and StakeManager contracts, focusing on access controls, initialization processes, and operational functionality without discovering critical issues.

Zellic conducted a review on June 11, 2024, examining user functionality critical to Rover's operations, with no significant security concerns identified. Additionally, on June 18, 2024, Halborn conducted a thorough evaluation of Rover's Wrapped Tokens, identifying no high or critical vulnerabilities. These audits underline Rover's commitment to maintaining a secure platform and ensuring ongoing reliability as the protocol evolves.[7][8][9]

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