Skulls of Luci

Skulls of Luci is an NFT collection created by , where each token is a gift to the collectors, collaborators, and each individual, who placed an offer on the Spratt's Genesis series - LUCI Chapter 1.[6]


The Skulls of Luci is a digital art collection created by . Each painting was designed as a gratitude to the people who supported his Genesis LUCI collection. Every bid on Genesis NFTs was timestamped and cataloged into a claim contract. When the auction closed, the artist started painting unique variations of the 4th painting in the series of LUCI's skull based on the total amount of bidders. Each bidder was entitled to one unique variation of LUCI's skull. Each winning bid of Genesis collection received said NFT as well as was entitled to three unique LUCI skulls. Some of the trait variations of the collection include color, material, painted tribalistic patterns, etchings and runes, overgrown nature, eye/teeth/nail variations, and jewelry.[7]

There were 50 Skulls of Luci NFTs created, with 49 of them available to be claimed by the users. The last one, The Blueprint Skull, remained the origin point on which each skull design was based.[1]

LUCI Genesis Collection

LUCI is the genesis collection of the LUCI project created by Spratt. It is a series of 8 digital paintings paired with written psalms, released as episodic pieces of an evolving story about the rediscovery of ancient human values in a post-historic world. The LUCI Genesis collection was released in October 2021.[4] described LUCI in the following way:

LUCI is a search for a feeling that is as ancient as it is futuristic—something true in us, regardless of time, period, or interpretation.[2]

The release of the first six digital paintings generated sales of nearly $1 million. The seventh work in the series was sold by Christie’s in June 2022. It was offered as lot number one in an online sale of NFTs to benefit the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. It achieved $252,000, more than three times its low estimate. The 27-lot sale in total raised over $1.5 million for charity.[8]

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Skulls of Luci


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