SlimeSunday is a digital collage artist based out of Boston, Massachusetts.[1]

He consistently pushes the limits of what is acceptable in mainstream media, exploring mainly bizarre and erotic topics in his art. [2]

In April 2021, SlimeSunday partnered with Playboy to release a collection of NFTs on Nifty Gateway.  Liquid Summer, the digital art collection by Playboy x SlimeSunday will be out on May 4, 2021.[3]


SlimeSunday explores bizarre and erotic topics and his main portfolio is displayed on Instagram where he has generated over 526,000 followers.

His art can be found in Playboy, Penthouse, Hunger, Plastik, and Glamour. He has also been involved in various music projects with J. Cole, Lana Del Rey, Katy Perry, J Balvin, and Beck. He is the current art director for 3LAU and makes up half of the audio-visual project SSX3LAU.[4]

SlimeSunday's work features some of the most provocative artwork in the world and he has had several works censored by Instagram for this reason.

"Banned From the Internet"

"The Banned From the Internet" series started as a game at the birth of the Instagram algorithm. Instagram alongside other social media platforms has strict community guidelines that discourage and stops the posting of explicit content. [5]

All social media platforms have implemented algorithms that quickly identify and delete anything that violates their guidelines. Due to this, he took it upon himself to trick these algorithms with tactical collage. By blending nudity with everyday objects, natural imagery, and textural elements, he has been able to evaded detection for over a year. [6]

More recently, his work has been flagged across the internet and deleted, and to ensure that these works continue to exist free from censorship, the Banned From the Internet collection has been resurrected and tokenized through the NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway. [7]


On September 8, 2022, SlimeSunday launched Slimeshop with the collaboration of Opensea marketplace. Using Smileshop any Artist can create/ mint NFT and also sell on the marketplace. It enables collectors to create their own version of a Slimesunday collage.
SmilieShop is available in 5555 packs, each having 7 layers total, 1 Portrait, 1 Background, 1 Border, 2 Elements, and 2 Textures. Each pack is randomly generated with layers of varying rarities. The packs were priced at 0.095 ETH for allowed VIP list and 0.15 ETH for the public. The snapshot was taken on September 5th and minting was available on September 8th.
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This is what SlimeSunday said in an interview about SlimShop -[15][16]

“With SLIMESHOP the idea was to build a tool that would encourage people to have fun and get their hands dirty (digitally) and make their own version of a Slimesunday collage, truly interactive art. We knew this could only be achieved using the world of Web3 and thanks to OpenSea, SLIMESHOP is here and ready to be experienced for the first time. The basis of each SLIMESHOP collage will be one of nine portraits we shot in LA. Then hundreds of layers I made over the last 8 months can be added, (backgrounds, borders, textures, and more) however is desired. I can’t wait to see what people create and hope they have a ton of fun exploring all the possibilities of SLIMESHOP.”

Personal Life

SlimeSunday's real name is Mike Parisella and the name SlimeSunday came from an early Eminem. [8]

His aesthetics is described as a lack of consistency, constantly evolving with a weird sauce.

In an interview with HungerTV, SlimeSunday discussed the tools and applications he uses to create his artworks:

"Cinema 4d, Photoshop, X Particles, Final Cut Pro, and After Effects. I also use a lot of open source codes available on the web; like pixel sorting and data bending stuff to build textures. I’m starting to learn Z BRUSH, Octane Render, and World Machine. Getting past the learning curve is the hardest part."[9]

Playboy Partnership

In April 2021, Playboy announced its partnership with Nifty Gateway to create a series of Playboy x Nifty digital art collaborations as the start of its long-term relationship. The NFTs will be erotic digital art creations by various artists. The partnership will start with an upcoming Playboy x SlimeSunday release of original works developed by SlimeSunday in partnership with Playboy’s editorial and archival curators, followed by participation in a Pride-themed curation in June with digital artist Blake Kathryn to celebrate the LGBTQ community.[10][11]

Rachel Webber, Chief Brand Officer & President of Corporate Strategy at PLBY Group owning Playboy, said:

“And in addition to bringing our existing archive to the blockchain, what’s equally exciting about our partnership with the Nifty team is our shared commitment to fostering and commissioning new work and supporting up-and-coming artists. We can’t wait to release more details soon from our partnership with Blake Kathryn, and from our collaboration with Slimesunday, an artist we’ve worked with previously in print form. We wholeheartedly believe in the future of a blockchain- and crypto-powered art world that ensures artist and collector protection, ongoing artist compensation, and the democratization of distribution and collecting. We’re thrilled to dive in with Nifty, and to continue learning and contributing.” [12]

On April 24, 2021, the artist announced that the digital art collection Liquid Summer by Playboy x Slimesunday will be released on Nifty Gateway on May 4th, 2021. [13]

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