SmartCredit Token (SMARTCREDIT) (Launched in 2017) Is a decentralized peer-to-peer global lending marketplace that connects lenders and borrowers without intermediaries.

Clients hold their ERC20 tokens locally in their own standard wallets (MyEtherWallet, etc). Borrowers submit their loan requests and lenders place their loan offers. The matching engine then matches loan supply with loan demand. Once a match is identified, the lender can supply ETH for lending and the borrower can borrow ETH[1][2].


SmartCredit is a peer-to-peer lending platform founded in 2017 and Based in Switzerland, Estonia, for direct interactions between P2P customers. This means there are no intermediaries who charge Users fees, unlike with the conventional approaches of Fiat money banking.

A loan agreement between the lender and borrower is created for every new loan, and it is legally enforceable. All loans on the platform are also insured for the face value.

ERC20-compatible Smart Money tokens are minted at the moment of the loan agreement, and are assigned to the lender. One Smart Money token corresponds to one ETH. Lenders can hold Smart Money tokens until the end of the loan or use them to pay other parties. Smart Money tokens are replaced by the end of the loan agreement with principal and interest in ETH.

The interest of loan agreements is accrued in corresponding Smart Money tokens. Interest is earned in proportion with the holding period. Accrued interest is paid to Smart Money token holders by the end of the loan agreement. If the loan fails to perform, loan insurance kicks in automatically[3].


SmartCredit Vision is to create the first Decentralized system of crypto-credit money in the world, empowering people to take back control over their own money – without the commercial banks and fees.


1. Borrow/Lend Stablecoins And Ethereum:

Users can now Borrow and Lend Stable coins on

2. Low Collateral Ratio:

Its Provides Users with the Lowest collateral ratios in the industry.

3. Fixed Interest:

No Fluctuating interest rate for the borrowers and lenders

4. Loss Provision Fund:

Loans are protected with collateral and Loss Provision Fund.

5. Credit Score:

Users can now improve their interest rate and collateral requirements with the platforms Credit Scoring.

6. Fixed Term:

Fixed-term loans for the borrowers and lenders - that's how they reduce the collateral ratio[4].

Meet SmartCredit Team Members

  1. Martin Ploom: (Co-Founder & CEO ) Ex VP Credit Suisse Zürich, Switzerland. Before Credit Suisse, he launched 4 successful products with 250'000+ users. He is an MBA, CFA, and Dipl.
  2. Tarmo Ploom, PhD: (Co-Founder & CTO ) Ex Chief-Architect Finnova Banking Platform, EX VP Credit Suisse Global Architecture. He is an MBA, CFA, and CAIA.
  3. Başak Burcu Yiğit: (Business Development Manager) Basak worked in the past for several blockchain startups. She is also co-founder of one of the biggest blockchain communities in Turkey called Istanbul Blockchain Women.
  4. Mark Lauper : Chief Creative Officer
  5. Christoph Bell : Legal Partner
  6. Dunstan Teo : Blockchain Architect
  7. Jon Matonis : Advisor
  8. Daniel Burgwinkel, Ph.D : Blockchain Business Model Advisor
  9. Asse Sauga : Advisor

Social Media

SmartCredit can be reached through the following Social Media Platforms, Twitter[5], Reddit, YouTube, and Linkedin[6].

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