Spells of Genesis

Spells of Genesis is the first -based mobile game ever made. SoG combines Trading Card Game (TCG) functionalities with the point-and-shoot aspects of arcade games[1]


Spells of Genesis is a fantasy tactical arcade game that skillfully blends strategic aspects of the genre with card collection and team building. Its unique combat mechanisms give users the thrills of epic battles and the emotions of a captivating gaming experience[2][3].

  • The Adventure

User's quest starts in the mountainous land of Askian where they have to form a team of heroes to defeat threatening opponents, earn gold and master the art of shooting and bouncing spells!

They have to collect, combine, and exchange cards to compose the most powerful decks to fight powerful opponents while exploring Askian's fantastic medieval kingdom.

  • Amazing Artworks (Rich Story)

The Land of Askian is dangerous and exciting, with a huge array of heroes, villains, monsters, animals & more to confront, battle, and defeat. Each artwork has been crafted by talented artists who have significantly contributed to the fascinating environment of the game

Game Features

The Spells of Genesis (SoG) consist of the following[4][5];

  • Over 300 different orbs/cards to collect, upgrade and combine!

  • Master the unique battling gameplay to defeat your opponents

  • 210 levels and missions to play through

  • Hundreds of hand-drawn cards can be combined and fused together to make stronger decks

  • 7-star campaigns with amazing rewards

Challenge mode

  • Raid mode (asynchronous player-versus-player)
  • Seasonal & monthly leaderboards are rewarded with amazing prizes
  • In-app purchases (gold and gems)

In-Game Currencies

There are three different in-game currencies: gold, crystals, and gems.

Gold is one of the in-game currencies. Users can use gold to buy new in-game cards. Also, users can receive gold by successfully completing a level, completing a quest or an achievement, winning a Raid, playing the Challenge mode, and being among the top 100 players at the end of a month (monthly leaderboard).

Crystals are an in-game currency. They are created by crystallizing cards. They can be used to upgrade or fuse your cards, or to “blockchainize” one card a month. Users can resell the in-game cards if they don’t want to keep them for crystals (crystallization).

Gems are another in-game currency. Gems can be used to purchase cards with a guarantee of a higher card rarity than when purchasing cards for gold.


Each card contains certain information about their action, strength, speed, element, etc

SPEED: The speed of a card is indicated in the green “winged” icon on the top-right of a card. The bigger the speed, the quickest the spells are dealt to the enemies.

ELEMENT: There are six Elements in the game: EARTH – FIRE – WATER – LIGHT – DARKNESS – ICE.

ATTACK: The Attack of a card indicates the strength of its attack, and indirectly the damage it can deal to the enemy. The strength is expressed in the number of points.

HEALTH: Health, expressed in a number of points, indicates the strength of the card’s defense. The user's level of health is indicated by the number inscribed in the heart icon of their card.

SPELL & 7. SPELL EFFECT: Some cards have special abilities called “spells”. The spell can vary according to the card’s element and may have different strengths.

LEVEL AND RARITY: There are four cards Rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

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Spells of Genesis


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