Swampverse is a brand that is filled with unique and randomly generated pixel creatures for users' online experiences. It is a place where 9,600 pixels generated toads croak on the Ethereum [1].


The Story Line

The Genesis toads were tasked with finding a new spot to settle and call home in order to save the unique Swampian race. The Genesis toads discovered an abandoned swamp with enough potential to support the Swampian race's future after what seemed like an eternity of traveling and perusing the universe.

The Swampverse would be the name given to this magnificent swamp for all time. A swamp unlike any other in the cosmos, complete with lush vegetation, saturated soils, and a huge environment in which to evolve.

With a safe haven, the Genesis deliberately merged their DNA with the remaining vibe to create 9600 unique Swampverse toads, the first and last generation. Each toad lives its own life, yet the colony as a whole will thrive.

After completing their great mission, Genesis has exited! the vibe and are climbing into Swamphalla to rest. The 9600 toads must decipher "The Lore" and work together to overcome their greatest obstacle[2].

Genesis Toads

The genesis is the first of its sort in the world. There are only ninety-six (96) of them in the cosmos. All genesis Toads are one-of-a-kind, completely animated characters, including the background. Their value is still being studied at Utopia's lab.

Thirty-two (32) Genesis Toads are airdropped to holders who hold two or more toads, 64 remainings are stealth dropped, gain access to Swamphalla, and released sometime in Swampmap v2.


The Genesis combined their DNA together and generated 9600 distinct toads in order to grow and save the Swampian race. These are not only useful, but they also look great as profile pictures on all of your favorite social networking sites.

Toads enjoy croaking, which results in a $TOKEN. Some of their other fascinating features include:

  • Users can burn any two toads together in their wallets for a mysterious creature with $croaks.
  • Unlock exclusive channels in the Discord server.
  • Unlock a 3D / VX version with $croaks
  • Yield 5 $CROAKS a day[3].


The Swampconomy relies heavily on $CROAKS. More functionality is added as the cosmos expands[4]. It's all about utility, developing relationships, and, of course, the main life source of any Swampian, $TOKEN, which allows us to power our ecosystem in the True blockchain method[5].

Roadmap (V.1)

25% - Boarding Complete: Complete minting of all 9600 toads. OpenSea reveals after selling out. listing.

50% - CROAK: User can now yield & claim $croaks! A portal is available on the website where they can claim their $croaks generated by each toad.

75% - Swampville: Private discord sections unlock. 10 Random toads are airdropped to holders.

100% - HODL: Merchandise store opens. 50% of the merchandise is given away to holders.

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