The Six Dragons

The Six Dragons is an open-world RPG  game with a billion randomly generated dungeons in a massive map full of adventures. Players fight various monsters to gain experience and drops.[1][2]


The Six Dragons is a feature-rich, fantasy Open World RPG inspired by some of the most iconic titles of the past two decades. The game features a 256 km2-long vibrant world with limitless adventures, epic fights, and the freedom to do anything you want.

Players can explore endless lands, farm for valuable materials, craft more than 300 unique items, trade items with other players and improve their arsenal using powerful enchants

What makes "The Six Dragons" game experience unique is that almost all items in the game are decentralized, using the power of innovative blockchain technology. That means players truly own their game assets as they can freely trade them with other players, sell them for real-world value, and use them across different game universes.

The Six Dragons feature governance NFT Tokens and enable DeFi/Yield Farming. “The Six Dragons” is part of Enjin’s Multiverse interconnected games. The in-game currency, $TSDT, is pegged 1:1 to $ENJ, meaning that 1 $TSDT will always be 1 $ENJ.[3]


The Six Dragons is the first Open World RPG built on Ethereum Blockchain. The game features a huge world of 256km2, 1 billion dungeons, real blockchain crafting & enchanting, and a huge decentralized in-game economy[4]

1. Blacksmith Service

Blockchain Blacksmith Service allows players to craft new tokenized in-game items (e.g. weapons, armor pieces, and jewelry) using the blockchain recipes of other players, that in return receive a reward for their service paid in .

In The Six Dragons, recipes are some rare and valuable items that give their owners a unique ability to craft copies of a specific item. Those copies are blockchain assets that the crafter can either use to fight the fiercest opponents in the game or trade them with other players in any blockchain marketplace for a profit.[5]

2. How it works

  • The player that holds a blockchain recipe can visit the crafting station in the game and create a listing for his/her service.

(At this point, the player designates the service fee — the reward that requires to be paid to craft a particular item.)

  • Any player that is looking to get a new pair of boots and does not own a recipe can browse the listings in the crafting station.

(NB: If the service price is right, then the player has to gather all the necessary materials for this craft, bring them to the crafting station, and pay the blacksmith fee)

  • After the crafting finishes, the player that paid for the craft will receive the blockchain item directly to the linked wallet, and the blacksmith will receive the service fee payment (minus a fee that the game keeps to fund development, currently at 30%) to his/her wallet as well.[6]

Tokenisation & Scarcity

Blockchain enables "The Six Dragons" to tokenize all the valuable in-game assets (with the intention to use blockchain assets solely in the near future). This feature allows players to be confident about the real supply of each item (“how scarce this sword is”), the ownership history (who else had/has such item), and know all the player-to-player transactions that took place any time and day.

The "The Six Dragons" game platform gives players the freedom to manage their assets as they wish. You can use your sword and have fun; you can provide your skills to other players and earn a reward; you can trade the sword for another item, or you can sell it for real-world value and not some meaningless credit points for an in-game store as in traditional games.


Blockchain in The Six Dragons does not end at the use of tokenized assets. The game platform employs several other blockchain-driven features to make sure gamers have all the information they need to feel confident and participate in full in the gaming experience. The crafting (item creation) and enchanting (item leveling) process is done through smart contracts too. That means for every item created or every sword leveled there will be a unique blockchain transaction that happened, that will be stored as proof forever on the immutable ledger.

  • Every craftable item has its unique identity and the name of the creator in the metadata. All the items have a possible range of stats(based on the rarity level and the item type) that are randomly assigned during the creation of each item.

The Six Dragons is one of the first blockchain gaming experiences that include the ability to dynamically change the characteristics of the players’ blockchain tokens, as a reflection of their gameplay performance.


BlockPegnio, Playstation Partner, has enabled the Governance NFTs for The Six Dragons. The introduction of the Governance NFTs allows players to influence the game’s future direction. The Six Dragons are designed to provide an epic gaming experience to all players, regardless of their blockchain gaming knowledge. As players spend more time in-game, they will begin to see the numerous benefits presented by blockchain and NFTs.

The Six Dragons were one of the first members of the Spark Program, the second generation of developers that got access to the Enjin’s Mainnet and the developer tools, as an early adopter. In August, "The Six Dragons" also joined forces with the @BGameAlliance to accelerate the adoption of blockchain gaming initiatives to mainstream audiences.

In September 2019, "The Six Dragons" collaborate with more than 600 unique types of blockchain tokens with a utility in the game, including weapons, armor, jewels, scrolls of enchantment, crafting materials, and many more. In November 2019, the introduction of Epic Blockchain Crafting and Enchanting & BlockPegnio launch that is used in the game

Governance NFTs

The addition of Governance NFTs to "The Six Dragons" brings a whole new dynamic, allowing players to earn revenue and make decisions that affect the whole game. As a holder of a Governance NFTs, players can receive various benefits such as

  • : Earn fees from on-chain game mechanics
  • Voting Power: Ability to vote for proposed gameplay changes and development priorities
  • Governor Status

Yield Farming: Holders of TSD Governance NFTs will earn a percentage of all on-chain mechanics in-game, such as crafting/enchanting/off-chain to blockchain equipment trading. Each NFT countS as a percentage of a tax-like system, which then calculates user earnings and deposit them to the Ethereum wallet holding the NFT. Earnings are distributed in TSDT, a utility token pegged 1:1 with Enjin Coin (ENJ). Players can be able to convert their TSDT tokens to Enjin Coin without leaving the game. Giving them a unique and streamlined play-to-earn experience.

Governance Voting: Every TSD Governance NFT is count as 1 vote, and the winning propositions will be the suggested one to be implemented into the game. Governor votes function as suggestions that give The Six Dragons platform insight into what users want and assist us in better tailoring the game according to their needs.

Governor Status: A new status is attributed to TSD Governance NFT holders that will give players a new color name, and other planned perks that will make them known as Governors. If the player removes the NFT from their wallet, their governor status will be lost.


BlockPegnio is the New Home for The Six Dragons. The start-up of BlockPegnio to enable the flag-up project, "The Six Dragons", which scale holistically and be the first real game on the blockchain that can reach mainstream audiences. Blockpegnio is not a traditional game studio, but more of a blockchain-driven gaming innovation project.[7]

Blockchain Crafting

Crafting is arguably one of the most exciting gameplay elements of RPGs, and one of the pillars of The Six Dragons. To craft an item, the player needs to know how to create a new weapon/armor/jewel (by owning the blockchain recipe of the item), and also hold all the necessary materials for the creation (both blockchain and centralized in-game assets).

What to Expect crafting an item:

  • The game checks users' inventory and looks for the necessary recipe and materials.
  • If user hold what is needed in their wallet, the crafting proceeds. At this point, users can be asked to give their consent to the game to start the blockchain crafting process
  • User engage with their blockchain wallet and safely transfer the blockchain materials to the game ethereum wallet. After the confirmation and receipt of the items, the crafting starts.
  • A new blockchain item is created and sent to the player's wallet. (Blockchain asset creation gives a brand new token, with a unique ID and supply of only 1)

Blockchain Enchanting

Enchanting is another legendary RPG aspect that gives the chance to the player to level game items (up to enchanting level 15) or gives them the power of fire and thunder (fire, thunder enchants). "The blockchain process of enchanting has great similarities with the one of crafting, yet carries one important difference".

When the player decides to enchant an item, it is necessary, apart from holding the item, to own a “scroll of enchant” blockchain token. Each of those tokens has a specific success rate, meaning that you have a specific chance of getting your item upgraded, but also the possibility of breaking (destroying) your item (except if you carry a legendary blessed enchant scroll which has 100% success rate).


  • The player uses the scroll of enchant from the in-game inventory and initiates the enchanting process.

The game checks the player's wallet thoroughly and sends the request to the gamer’s blockchain wallet. This time, however, the player sends the scroll along with the item that is about to be enchanted

  • The player receives back an enchanted “King’s Legacy +1” item that as you can see from the title has been enchanted to +1, with increased stats, which again, can be seen in the blockchain token as well as in-game.
  • Also, the +1 sign is carved in the photo of the blockchain token. If the enchanting fails, however, the weapon is melted in the daily melting process, the scroll of enchant goes back to the pool, and the player receives some of the weapons’ blockchain materials back to the wallet.

Corporate Partners

  • BlockPegnio
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • BGA (Blockchain Game Alliance)
  • Unity
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The Six Dragons


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