TigerSwap is a forked audited DeFi (Decentralized Finance) protocol of Uniswap and  built on TRON.[1]


TigerSwap Global is the first V3 concentrated liquidity on binance smart chain. It adopts the core design of Uniswap and SushiSwap.

Tiger Swap is a decentralized financial payment network that rebuilds the traditional payment stack on the blockchain.

It utilizes a basket of fiat-pegged stablecoins, algorithmically stabilized by its reserve currency TIGERSWAP, to facilitate programmable payments and open financial infrastructure development.


The TigerSwap protocol will be running an initiative that sees stakers of various JustSwap liquidity provider tokens rewarded with the $TIG and $TigC token.[2]



TigC is the governance token of TigerSwap. It will be airdropped to members who participated in the development, promotion, and governance of the TigerSwap community in the early stages of the forked protocol. All members who join the TigerSwap community can receive it. The number of TigC tokens is 100,000, which will never be increased and will only be used for project community governance.[3]


Tig is the equity token of TigerSwap and enjoys the certain rights of the TigerSwap. The dual-token governance structure separates the interests of shareholders and governors. For investors, holding Tig and TigC tokens can get double benefits.[4]

Farming Cycle

With TigerSwap, one can provide liquidity into a pool and earn rewards in the form of Tig tokens. As an early adopter as a liquidity provider to TigerSwap, they become a significant stakeholder of the protocol.


The total number of Tig token is 220 million, of which 100 million tokens are farmed through staking those liquidity provider tokens into the corresponding initial list of pools, and 100 million tokens will be farmed after the decentralized exchange (DEX) goes online. 
At the same time, using SushiSwap's model, 10% of each Tig issued is allocated to community developers to ensure the continuous development of the project. The number of Tigs farmed by each liquidity provider is calculated by the proportion of the LP provided by it in the total LP in the same pool. 
The initial set of available pools:

  • Pool 1: USDT/TRX LP — 1Million Tig
  • Pool 2: Pearl/TRX LP — 1Million Tig
  • Pool 3: JFI/TRX LP — 1 Million Tig
  • Pool 4: SUN — 1Million Tig (SUN token is first supported by DEX!!!)
  • Pool 5: Tig/TRX LP — 90 Million Tig (MORE Rewards!!!)
  • Pool 6: TigC/TRX LP — 1 Million Tig

The output in each of the above pools is halved every 10 weeks and ends in 100 weeks. 
With TigerSwap, liquidity providers receive a proportionate share of the trading fees generated by each pool they provide liquidity to. However, unlike other automated market maker protocols, liquidity providers will continue to receive a share of the trading fees even after they have withdrawn their liquidity. 
A 0.3% fee will be charged for each trading pair, and these fees will be converted into Tig tokens and then distributed to the liquidity providers of each pool. The total amount of tokens in this part is 100 million. All fees generated by users during the trading process will be used to repurchase Tig (via TigerSwap) for token burning. The token repurchase and burning mechanism of centralized exchanges has been proven to be the most effective mechanism for enhancing the value of tokens in the cryptocurrency industry, such as Binance Coin and HT. 
TigerSwap has followed this mechanism and made some innovations in this mechanism. One is decentralized destruction, which makes the destruction more transparent and open. In addition, it has added an invitation and reward mechanism to attract more high-quality assets and liquidity providers.

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