Tom Harford

Tom Harford is a distinguished figure in the realms of education, , and cryptocurrency, known for his innovative approach to management, education, and professional development. He is the founder of the Arkansas Blockchain Council and currently serves as the Executive Relationship Officer for Cryptic Farms, LLC, based in Arkansas. With a career spanning over 25 years, Harford has amassed extensive experience in both private and public sectors of higher education, focusing on professional and workforce development, professional credentialing programs, and the establishment of commercial, civic, and international partnerships.

Early Life and Education

Tom Harford is the son of Thomas C. Harford, a senior executive at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which underscored his exposure to a blend of academic rigor and public service from an early age. Information regarding his early education and academic credentials is not extensively documented, but his career trajectory indicates a strong foundation in leadership, management, and educational innovation.


Tom Harford's career in higher education is marked by significant contributions to both private and public institutions, where he specialized in program management, workforce development, and the creation of learning solutions. His roles have included serving as Dean of Students at the Columbia University School of General Studies from August 2012 to August 2018, and before that as Associate Dean and Executive Director at Columbia University from October 2005 to September 2012. Throughout his tenure, Harford was known for his commitment to fostering academic success and personal growth among students.

In October 2018, Harford founded Mind Revise Consulting LLC in New York, New York, a consultancy focusing on learning solutions for organizations, academic coaching, and public speaking coaching and seminars. The consultancy reflects Harford's lifelong advocacy for the creation of administrative solutions that better serve clients and the deployment of new learning initiatives.

Since June 2022, Harford has been with Cryptic Farms, LLC, as an Executive Relationship Officer. The company works in the areas of crypto hosting, site selection, site leasing, energy management, and site development. In this role, he champions responsible policies for high energy use industries, focusing on promoting community and economic development. His work highlights the intersection between technological advancement and sustainable development.

Harford's foray into the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors is most notably represented by his founding of the Arkansas Blockchain Council, a nonprofit industry association. The council consists of companies and individuals working across various crypto and blockchain sectors and aims to advocate for the industry's key stakeholders. It seeks to educate the citizens of Arkansas on the opportunities presented by the industry for economic revitalization, growth, and innovation, emphasizing transparency, integrity, and liberty.

Advocacy and Public Policy

Harford has voiced his opinion on the need for codification at the state level of noise ordinances to address disruptions caused by digital asset mining companies and data centers.[1] He draws parallels between the two, advocating for fair and consistent regulatory approaches to support both industry growth and community well-being.

Tom Harford's career is a blend of educational innovation, community service, and technological advocacy. Through his roles in higher education, consultancy, and leadership within the blockchain community, Harford has contributed significantly to the fields of learning and technology. His efforts in establishing the Arkansas Blockchain Council and advocating for responsible industry practices set a precedent for how professionals can bridge the gap between traditional education and emerging technologies for the betterment of society.

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Tom Harford

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