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Trader Joe (founded June 2021) is a one-stop decentralized trading platform native to the Avalanche (AVAX) .

Trader Joe builds fast, securely and aims to serve the community at the frontier of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and combines DEX services with DeFi lending to offer leveraged trading. [1]


Trader Joe was founded in June 2021 by 0xMurloc and Cryptofish.
The origins of Trader Joe were born from a blended desire, to create a unique and truly innovative trading platform that would resonate with the emerging superiority of the Avalanche blockchain, whilst also serving a global and burgeoning audience at the frontier of the decentralized finance industry.[2]
Since launching, the platform has attracted over $4bn in assets and has gained backing from some of the most widely recognized investors in the industry.
Trader Joe has set out to serve the community at the frontiers of DeFi by innovating, building fast, and most importantly, building securely. The ultimate goal is to build a trading platform, that provides users with a true ‘one-stop-shop’ DeFi experience.[3]


Trader Joe is a fully Decentralized Exchange (DEX), meaning that any token on Avalanche can be swapped or pooled on the platform.[4]
When on the platform, a popup will appear asking to confirm the connection between Trader Joe and your Metamask wallet. This is completely normal and safe. Once confirmed Trader Joe can be used, the most popular feature on this platform is the simple and convenient tool to swap any token on Avalanche.

How it Works

There are a number of ways to earn rewards from depositing tokens on the Trader Joe platform.


Staking is the process of converting JOE to xJOE, with a percentage of trading and lending fees used to buy back JOE and send it to the xJOE pool. Over time, xJOE will increase to give more JOE.


Pooling tokens facilitates DEX trading, ensuring that there is enough liquidity for traders to make token swaps. This works by providing two tokens (such as JOE and AVAX) to a pool in return for LP tokens, which can then be farmed. Not all pools can be farmed on Trader Joe, but users will still earn a percentage of the trading fees in proportion to their share of the pool.
Once in the pool, in most cases you can use LP tokens for yield farming. Simply visit the farm tab to search for the pair available to farm in order to earn a further share of the trading fees.

Banker Joe

Banker Joe offers investors the ability to lend or borrow against whitelisted assets, enabling the deployment of flexible DeFi investment strategies.
There are a number of ways to interact with Banker Joe in order to leverage position (after depositing collateral), or lend assets in return for token rewards with no risk of impermanent loss.


JOE token is the governance token of Trader Joe, it is also used to reward its holders with exchange revenue. The unique feature of the token is that it combines DEX, and Lending & Leveraged Trading in-turn promoting liquidity by attracting more inflows into the project.

The token distribution follows a fixed supply, decaying emission model.

  • 0.05% of all trades are paid to xJOE staking pool.
  • A share of fees from lending interest and liquidations will also be paid to the xJOE staking pool. The % will be determined at the launch of the lending product.
  • JOE token holders may stake their JOE to xJOE and receive a share of the revenues.


All JOE tokens will be emitted according to the distribution portion. Team, Treasury, and Future Investor funds are emitted at the schedule as public distribution to LPs.
Total supply

  • 500,000,000

Months to emit

  • 30

Liquidity Providers (LP)

  • 50%


  • 20%

Dev Team (3 month cliff)

  • 20%

Future Investors (3 month cliff)

  • 10%
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Trader Joe

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