WigoSwap is a DeFi application that lives on the Fantom blockchain, in it you can get different products such as: decentralized exchange or DEX applying low commissions at the level of 0.19%, participation pools and Staking or bets, offers a Wigo Galxy system for user profiles, an innovative referral system, a small prediction game, and also offers its users a NFT market. All these products and more are offered by Wigo Swap to Fantom's customers.
According to its creators, the WigoSwap interface is very easy to use, and provides services to Fantom users at very high speed and low costs.[1][2][3]


WigoSwap's mission is to develop products for users to use with ease, and also to create opportunities for new projects with the possibility of earning passive income.[1]


Among the products offered by WigoSwap are the following:
Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
Farms & Stakes (WigoFarm & WigoBank)
User Profile System (WigoGalaxy)
Prediction mini-game ($FTM Market Prediction)
NFT Market.
IDO Shuttle.
GameFi Products
DAO Government

Reasons why WigoSwap uses the Fantom Blockchain

It is important to note that the Fantom blockchain is an incredibly fast and quite secure network, which is why it was attractive to WigoSwap developers. Fantom has a fairly reliable network that offers interoperability between different networks, which allows its users to participate without facing potential barriers. In general, most networks of this type tend to benefit the first users, in the case of Fantom is different, this network seeks to benefit its users by guaranteeing financial gains through the reordering of the elements that are included in the industry. Finally, something very relevant, and that is that the Fantom network has been designed to be very easy to use, and facilitate adherence to blockchain technology. It is very important to highlight, that, the Fantom network is being carried out with the purpose of satisfying the needs of its users in the future.[1][2][3]

Its developers point out[1][2]

We have decided to build on Fantom because the performance is considerable.
As current decentralized networks, especially those created to provide financial transactions, have shortcomings of their own, there is an increasing need to reconsider existing ones in search of a more rectified platform that is not only capable of fast and secure transactions, but also effective in providing interoperability as a tool to connect different blockchains. It is believed that the approach provided by the Fantom network will bring the necessary innovation to the DeFi sector.

Here you can find out the price of your WIGO token

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