Yura Miron

Yura Miron is a visionary artist from Kyiv, Ukraine. He is Inspired by visionary culture, the fusion of nature and technology, electronic music, and media arts & performances.[1]


Yura Miron has explored the different areas of new media art technologies, such as: Blockchain, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Generative Adversarial Networks, and Audio/Visual synthesis. Kyiv-based (Ukraine).[6][7]
wikiBetween 2017 and 2018, Yura did a lot of live performances with some of the most talented live performance artists in Kyiv. He worked with Serge Synthkey, a music producer, and they recorded few hours of music together. He also made a lot of VR Art with Taya Kabaeva who is a director, media artist, video designer, and live performer.[8][9]

Yura performed collaborated with Alice Yakubovich, founder and Co-Owner of AKT, to perform a soundtrack for hundreds of artworks at the opening of AKT. He also made a couple of live laser performances together with Yurkus.

Yura, together with V4W.ENKO created a live performance, where the brainwaves were generating visuals of planets, telling the story of the relationship of two civilizations, existing in the different parts of the Cosmos.

He has a blockchain-based (dApp) gallery with a limited edition of his artworks (from 1 to 100 digital prints) available for purchasing, selling, gifting, and collecting.[2][3]


12015GIF is for GeeksBaden, Switzerland
22014GogolFest FantocheKyiv, UkraineBaden, Switzerland
32013GogolfestThe File ArtsKyiv, UkraineUtrecht, The Netherlands
42011 - 2012GogolFestLabcombinatKyiv, Ukraine

Social Media

Yura is available on social media where he shares most of his artwork. He has more than 3500 followers on Twitter and more than 1500 followers on Instagram.[4][5]

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Yura Miron

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