0xUniverse is a  space strategy where users build spacecraft, launch exploratory efforts, find new worlds ,and trade with other discoverers.[1][13]


0xUniverse is the next-generation game where players can build spaceships, explore the galaxy, and colonize planets. 0xUniverse lets players build spaceships, explore the galaxy and colonize planets. You can buy, trade, and sell their crypto collectibles.[2]

Developed by 0xGames, 0xUniverse is one of a stable of games produced and published by the developer that uses the Ethereum blockchain and in order to represent blockchain assets in the game.

At its core, 0xUniverse is simple: buy planets, invent rockets, launch rockets, and then get more planets. The planets themselves are virtual blockchain assets of varying rarity and in the 0xUniverse galaxy, there are a limited number of planets. The planets themselves also provide certain resources that are needed to build and deploy rockets.

0xUniverse is a browser-based game and also features mobile apps on Android and iOS. 0xUniverse is free to download. However, users need to invest in purchasing at least 1 planet ( blockchain asset) to start playing.[3]

Gameplay Features

  • Users get to invent spaceships and search out new planets in a vast galaxy. The planets are blockchain tokens of a different rarity with the market-defined value set by players.
  • Interact with other players in the market. Get a chance to earn ETH by engaging in purchasing and selling various worlds at the in-game Auction.
  • Watch your planets get populated. Owning any , or assets turns your planets into inhabitable homes for these lively creatures in the immensity of 0xUniverse.
  • Socialize and join Corporations; Together users can dominate other sectors and become the best galaxy business: own parts of corporations, vote for new corporate leaders, decide upon important issues and trade your shares with other space entrepreneurs [4]

The Essence of the game

The era of Great Cosmic Discoveries began in the twenty-second century. Interstellar travel, which had previously been an unattainable dream, became a possibility, and everyone could now do it.

The ultimate obstacle was proclaimed to be humanity's cosmic expansion. To expedite the process, the United Earth Government agreed to sell some already settled planets to private individuals. It also passed a law that guaranteed discoverers the right of ownership to the planets they found.

These events created the conditions for the emergence of a new caste of entrepreneurs whose goal was to conquer the Galaxy.

After users acquire their first planets, the users will receive all the resources they need to increase their wealth, build up a fleet, and become a tycoon on a galactic scale. Not only will they reap purely economic rewards, but they can also explore the world of 0xUniverse. The artifacts user find on the planets will tell them the story of other races that populated the Galaxy before human beings came along. By joining forces with other explorers they will even be able to figure out the secret of how life began.

  • Buying a planet

The first thing users need to do after signing up is to acquire a planet (learn more about planets and how they’re different from one another). There are two ways users can buy planets. Below users can find out how to do it via the Auction. If users are new to crypto and the game, they may want to use the Hypermarket and pay with USD. Open AUCTION, select the FOR SALE tab and choose a planet. In the window that opens, the user will see a description of the planet, and in the bottom right-hand corner.


Hypermarket allows players to get planet bundles for USD via PayPal/CardPay in the web version and Apple Pay/Google Pay on mobile devices. The Hypermarket won’t be competing against the current game Auction as the prices there are higher. It has been implemented to allow new players, who aren’t familiar with blockchain and don’t have crypto, to start playing the game. Also, it is noteworthy that there is a 10,000 limit for the FIAT planets. Afterward, Earth will be buying planets from the Auction to sell them to the new fiat players.

  • Inventing a spaceship

Once users have taken possession of a planet, they can start building spaceships, but first, they need to invent them. In order to discover a new type of spaceship, open the MY SPACESHIPS window.

  • Planets

The most valuable thing in 0xUniverse is the planets. Every planet has its own unique appearance and features: number, date of discovery, name, owner, rarity (common, rare, epic, or legendary), sector

  • Planet leasing and renaming

The way planet leasing works is that a planet’s owner sets the price that he’s willing to sell his planet’s colonists for. For instance, the owner sets 0.02 ETH as the price for 100 colonists. After that, other space explorers will be able to launch spaceships from this planet by paying the owner for the colonists provided.


0xUniverse is different from many other games. It operates on a decentralized network known as Ethereum. Most of the game’s operations exist independently and operate on thousands of computers around the world, while the data are held securely in the blockchain. Such an architecture guarantees secure ownership of the planets. In addition, this enables the open market to operate – that is, the planets’ owners can trade planets directly with one another. [6]

MATIC Network Integration

On May 4, 2020, 0xUniverse announced its integration with Matic Network now . The integration helped in bringing a totally new Matic Network-based galaxy with an ultra-seamless gameplay experience, featuring new legendaries.[14]


  1. Sergey Kopov - Producer[7]
  2. Mike Zelenin - Blockchain Lead[8]
  3. Yuri Saveliev - Front-end Lead[9]
  4. Kate Kopova - Back-end Lead[10]
  5. Den Trufanov - Art Lead
  6. Dmitry Tikhonov - Narrative Lead

Notable Sales

On July 7, 2019, Nicholas sold for 15 ETH (~$4,600 as of the time of sale) on .[11][12] Also on that day, Marduk sold for 14.714 ETH (~$4,500 as of the time of sale).[15][16]

On June 25, 2019, Morvalg sold for 14.708 ETH (~$4,700 as of the time of sale).[17][18]


November 2017

Start of Development

February 2018


March 2018

Public Beta Test

June 2018


July 2018


November 2018

Mobile Version

June 2019


July 2019

New referral program

January 2020

Building on the planets

July 2020

Expansion beyond the known galaxy

June 2021

War of Corporations

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