Adam Bozanich

Adam Bozanich is a software engineer and the CTO of , the decentralized cloud computing platform. Adam is also a U.S patent holder, as he invented network protocol fuzzing, a security analysis methodology that dynamically tests a system’s resilience to protocol abuse. [1]


Adam Bozanich cofounded and is the CTO of Overclock Labs, creators of . He drives the technology behind the world’s first Supercloud for serverless computing. Prior to Akash, Adam led software development at Symantec, One King’s Lane, and Marketron. Adam worked as an engineer and developer for music monetization platform Topspin, which was acquired by Apple in 2014 following an initial acquisition by Beats. Adam also co-founded and was the Tech Lead of Sprouts Tech form June 2014 to March 2016. [2][3]

Akash Network

Adam Bozanich and developed as a developer-centric, user-optimized network. Akash Network has access to many data centers around the world providing an alternative to some of the big cloud services owned by one person. Adam in an episode of TFiR Let’s Talk with Swapnil Bhartiya spoke on how Akash aims to power . [4]

I think one of the underlying things that many people have in mind when they think of Web3 is, A, people giving people the option to use the technology that they want to use, and B, transparency.

Adam Bozanich believes there is a lot of security in the fundamental tooling Akash is using. He believes that it does need to be easier for people to access and used correctly.[5]

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Adam Bozanich


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