A testnet (or test network) is a network used to run and test blockchains and blockchain projects before releasing to the . It’s a testing ground for programmers and developers to design, edit, and test their project’s functions and track its performance before making it public. [1]


Testnet is often used for development. For instance, when creating new functionalities that involve transmitting and receiving , testnets serve as accurate replicas of the original protocol, employing identical technology and tools to execute similar tasks. Developers and testers can assess the feasibility of a system by conducting transactions without the risk of actual mainnet funds being at stake. Testnet provides a dynamic and appropriate environment for testing and . [1][2]

Ethereum Testnets

For Ethereum, the two public testnets that client developers maintain are Sepolia and Goerli. Sepolia is a network for contract and application developers to test their applications. The Goerli network lets protocol developers test network upgrades and lets stakers test running validators. [3]

Use Cases


Testing on the incurs frequent fees and potential disruptions, leading to high costs for developers and risks to the reputation. [1]

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is vital for deploying high-performing, error-free applications on a network. As organizations adopt a shift-left approach to enhance application quality, test results' validity is significantly influenced by various factors and constraints. Consequently, developers require a test environment that closely resembles conditions. [1]


Test network coins are incompatible with main network currencies, requiring new coins or techniques and making the process more prolonged and costly. Nonetheless, all new projects must be tested on a separate blockchain testnet before release, allowing developers to test every component independently and avoiding disruptions in the . [1]

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