Ambire AdEx (ADX), previously known as AdEx Network, is the traditional cryptocurrency of the AdEx network. AdEx-advertising exchange is a network platform that provides the decentralized solution for digital advertising thereby improving transparency and protecting the user's privacy.[1]


Ambire (Adex) token Network is a digital advertising marketplace that connects publishers and advertisers directly so that they can trade online advertising inventory.[2]
AdEx is described as a new-generation solution aiming to address and correct some of the most prominent inefficiencies of the online advertising industry: user privacy misuse, ad fraud, lack of transparency in reporting, etc.[2]

The underlying technology on the AdEx platform is called the AdEx protocol, which facilitates the trading of advertising space/time, as well as the subsequent verification and proof that it actually occurred. Essentially, it covers all interactions between publishers, advertisers, and end-users. The protocol combines traditional peer-to-peer technology, cryptography, and blockchain-based payment channels.[1]


Ambire is a tech innovator founded in 2017. The parent company of Ambire AdEx created blockchain and web3 solutions in crypto asset management and host the largest payments channels network on Ethereum. The ecosystem deployed Ambire AdEx as its first open-source decentralized ad platform built to serve both user privacy and transparency.[5]
Ambire's AdEx introduced OUTPACE, the first Ethereum payment channels network able to process millions of micropayments.[4]


The following are the key features of the AdEx (ADX) network platform:

Privacy-preserving targeting

The AdEx platform is built to value the privacy of individuals. No end-user data will ever be uploaded to AdEx servers and paired with data from other sources.[2]

Payment channels

The AdEx platform allows for Scaling transaction volume, which is not an issue for its Network. Its payment channels solution allows for small payments for each individual impression - a unique benefit for advertisers and publishers on the platform.[2]

Crypto volatility solved

The AdEx platform runs using two cryptocurrencies - the ADX token and the DAI Stablecoin. Frequent price fluctuations are a concern for using cryptocurrencies for standard business payments, so the AdEx Network has implemented the DAI Stablecoin as a payment method between advertisers and publishers on the platform. The ADX token is vital for running validator nodes on the AdEx network.[1]

ADX Roles

  • The ADX token is used for staking, the process of locking a certain amount of ADX in order to increase the trustworthiness of the validators in the platform by ensuring they have skin in the game.
  • Validators are essential for the proper functioning of the Ambire AdEx's ecosystem in general.
  • A validator is appointed for each side of the advertising campaign and they are responsible for processing micropayments per impression on the platform.
  • Misbehaving validators are subject to economic penalties (slashing) and thus have an incentive to ensure they run uninterruptedly. The more tokens are staked, the stronger the reliability guarantees of the validator network.
  • Effectively, staking allows for Ambire AdEx users to have governance over validators and enables better transparency, reliability and decentralization of the entire process.[6]


AdEx (ADX) is a cryptocurrency token built on the Ethereum blockchain to connect publishers and advertisers without intermediaries on a decentralized ad exchange. Its ticker symbol is ADX and it has a total supply of 113,994,991 ADX and a maximum supply of 150,000,000 ADX. The AdEx (ADX) is currently mostly traded on Binance.[2]
Other crypto exchanges where $ADX is being traded include--

  • Huobi Global
  • Kucoin
  • Kraken
  • Uniswap.[3]
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