AdShares is a decentralized, peer-to-peer market for programmatic advertising it is a cryptocurrency with its own blockchain. Adshares bills itself as a decentralized marketplace for programmatic advertising in a Web3-composable and metaverse-oriented world. The native token for its ecosystem is $ADS.[1]

The ecosystem aims to connect publishers and advertisers and enable them to make direct deals using ADS cryptocurrency. ADS is based on the ESC blockchain, which is purportedly able to process over 1 million transfers per second.[3]


Adshares provide better transparency, less fraud, and reduced costs for all market participants. Adshares Network runs on ESC blockchain and uses Adshares Tokens for ad payments. Fees collected from processing payments are distributed among token holders.[2]

The ADS blockchain is a fork of the Enterprise Service Chain (ESC), a blockchain software technology capable of facilitating high volumes of simple transactions which, similarly to other cryptocurrencies, allows sending tokens between user accounts. ESC derives its name from the concept of the Enterprise service bus, where a cryptocurrency is used as the communication protocol.[3]

The primary aim of the Adshares project is to render various ad exchanges obsolete by making an open platform that will enable advertisers and publishers to find themselves and trade directly using blockchain.[2]

Standardized exchange and easy access to the market will foster the development of an open algorithm that will enable publishers to be their own SSP and advertisers to be their own DSP.[3]

Adshares is an open ecosystem in which publishers and advertisers can make direct deals without intermediaries resulting in lower commissions. The decentralization of the ad servers and innovation in advertisement delivery minimizes the possibility of ad blocking. Unlike most advertising networks, it help publishers monetize their AdBlock traffic.[1]

Adshares is the first 100% decentralized marketplace for programmatic advertising, also being one of the most advanced blockchain-based projects in the advertising market. It uses its own unique blockchain to connect publishers and advertisers, allowing them to make direct deals.[3]

ADS Wallet is a secure identity vault for Adshares that was designed to store keys and provide cryptographic transaction signing. It can also be used to create or import accounts and send basic transactions. Our wallet provides integration with internal and external services connected to Adshares network. It is a convenient, free, open-source client-side tool.[2]

Features of Adshare

Adshare has proven its extent of influence with distinctive features around different niches. Some of the features of its ecosystem include--

Alternative to Google AdSense

Adshare takes a firm stance on helping its user boost sales and grows a community of trustworthy clients through its decentralized marketing strategy that helps anyone desiring advertisement perks. As an ecosystem developed with certain advantages, users having issues (such as a ban) from Google Adsense can make full use of their platform to monetize their advertisements thus scaling their portfolio. It is reported that it is one of the best blockchain-based advertising ecosystems for anyone at every level.[6]

Web3 & Metaverse composability

AdShares is fast adopting and advancing advertisement for the future. It is composable for Web 3 and also frontiers advertisement for the metaverse. The ecosystem has signed partnership deals with DecentraLand and Cryptovoxels and also looks forward to onboarding others soon.[7]


Adshares, the ecosystem boasting of programmatic advertisement launched its native and utility token ($ADS) in 2018. Previously known as $ADST, Adhsares token was converted to $ADS in 2019.[5]
As a blockchain technology built to be a decentralized marketplace that connects publishers and advertisers, its $ADS token plays a key role in actualizing transactions. This token is also spent on gas fees and it is the means by which ADS holders get their commissions.

Token Utilities

ADS token is utilized by holder and its community of global investors in the following way:

Chain fees

  • Adshares native blockchain charges fees in ADS coin.

Pay with ADS

  • Adshares Network uses ADS for all advertisement payments in the network.

Collect ADS

  • ADS holders receive a part of network commission.

Burn ADS

  • 1% of ad turnover is sent to a burner address (DAO fund in the future).

Token Distribution

$ADS token is allocated and distributed in this way:

1.Early Adopters5%
4.Private sales allocation5%
6.Business Dev10%
7.Staking Rewards5%
8.Strategic Treasury15%
9.Ecosystem Funds10%
10.Team & Advisors15%[8]


Jacek Zemło – Founder

Leszek Rychlewski – Co - Founder

Maciej Pilarczyk – Product owner

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