Anna Rose

Anna Rose is the Co-founder of Zero Knowledge Validator and host of the podcast, a channel for learning about , advanced cryptography, and privacy. [1][2]


Anna Rose attended the University of Toronto in 2001 where she studied General Studies until 2002. Afterward, she attended McGill University and graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Business Strategy and Music Technology. [2]


In 2009, Anna was a Content Acquisition Lead at Gracenote. Here, she developed and managed the video acquisition system for the 5 major European markets (UK, FR, GER, IT, SP) and also developed new relationships with content providers and managed all existing European video content supplier accounts (wholesalers, content licensors, content owners). [2]

In November 2011, she moved to Frames and Form as a Digital and Video Producer freelancing with start-ups and small businesses, conducting strategic consulting, digital production, product management, and video production. [2]

In August 2017, Anna Rose served as PM, Special Projects at Parity Technologies. Part of her role here was to oversee Project Management for website. [2]

In October 2013, Anna co-founded Videopath where she served as the CEO. Videopath is an interactive video solution for content marketers to connect web media, such as links, pictures, text, comments, etc. Videopath was acquired by Intelling Media in January 2020. [2]

Zero Knowledge

Anna Rose began as a host at in January 2018. The podcast offers a comprehensive resource for individuals interested in zero-knowledge technology, advanced cryptography, innovative applications, and decentralized systems. [3]

With 10k+ subscribers and 700+ videos as of February 2024, ZK Podcast covers the latest research and applications in zero knowledge, features interviews with experts in decentralized web development, explores open-source software development and cryptography-enabled privacy technologies, and delves into emerging paradigms in  and . [3]

Anna engages in insightful conversations with experts, researchers, and practitioners in the field of zero-knowledge proofs and privacy-preserving technologies. [2][3]

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Anna Rose


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