Zero Knowledge (YouTube Channel)

Zero Knowledge is a YouTube channel for learning about , advanced cryptography, and privacy and it is hosted by . [1][2]


The Zero Knowledge Podcast, launched in 2018, offers a comprehensive resource for individuals interested in zero-knowledge technology, advanced cryptography, innovative applications, and decentralized systems. [1][2]

With 10k+ subscribers and 700+ videos as of February 2024, ZK Podcast covers the latest research and applications in zero knowledge, features interviews with experts in decentralized web development, explores open-source software development and cryptography-enabled privacy technologies, and delves into emerging paradigms in and . [1][2]

Hosted by , with regular guest co-hosts Tarun Chitra, Guillermo Angeris, Nicolas Mohnblatt, and Kobi Gurkan, the weekly podcast delves deeply into zero knowledge and the decentralized web. The interviews with top technical minds shed light on new systems and technologies emerging on emerging networks, aiming to uncover future paradigms that may reshape online interactions and transactions. [1]

The show is produced by Rachel White, edited by Henrik Jose, and includes ad reads by Tanya Karsou. [1]


Zero Knowledge has been producing ZK-focused events in person and online. In 2018, the company launched the biannual zkSummit series, an in-person 1-day event that showcases the latest zk tech. They also host the zkSessions events series, a short-form online event where they focus on a specific topic. [3]

ZK Hack

ZK Hack is a hub owned by Zero Knowledge for learning and building. The team hosts virtual events and advanced puzzle competitions as well as produce educational content and run study groups. Their goal is to explore and explain key concepts and tools to get users onboarded into ZK. [4][5]

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Zero Knowledge (YouTube Channel)


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