Aurory is a gaming platform based on the play-to-earn mechanism. It is powered by Solana and . Aurory uses play-to-earn mechanics, allowing players to earn tokens and while playing the game.[1]


Aurory is a Japanese role-playing game built on Solana and set in a retro-futuristic universe. Players get to choose between different game modes, such as solo game mode and two multiplayer modes. The solo game mode is a fully hand-drawn side-scrolling game in 2D animation.[2]

Players follow the quest of Helios, a retro-futuristic cat-like protagonist, and have to fulfill quests, talk to NPCs, and defeat opponents to advance the plot. Defeated opponents will be earned as , which can then later be used as part of the multiplayer mode.[3]

Aurory uses play-to-earn mechanics allowing players to earn tokens and NFTs while playing the game. Aury, the in-game currency, allows users to buy items from other players in the marketplace, while also directly benefiting from the growth of Aurory. Users need to enter the worlds of Antik and to join the amazing community of pioneers from the play-to-earn space.

Game Token (Aury)

Aurory uses a currency called AURY. The token is built on the Solana , offering scalability and low fees for an optimal user experience and a low barrier to entry. The Aurory Marketplace is the central hub for players to buy, sell, and trade items, Nefties, consumables, and cosmetics.[4]

Aurory is a PvE/PvP gaming project using NFTs, powered by Solana and Serum. The marketplace is powered by Serum, a decentralized exchange platform optimized for near-instant settlement. Aurory is in essence a free-to-play game. Every player will get one creature, and the solo game mode will unlock more NFTs as players progress.

Multiple Game Modes:

Aurory has developed a free-to-play solo game mode as well as an extensive PvP mode. In this multiplayer mode, users have to fight other players with their Nefties in order to climb the leaderboard and reach the highest rewards. If the users manage to do so, prepare themself to be covered in gold

Players also have the ability to stake the Aury tokens won in both game modes. Staking makes players eligible for NFT drops, as well as allows users to earn yield based on the volume of the marketplace. Aury tokens are needed to compete in the multiplayer modes.[5]

Aurory Uniqueness

The same play-to-earn game mechanisms that have made games like so popular are used in Aurory. By playing the game, players can earn tokens and NFTs, which can be used to purchase products in the marketplace and boost their chances of winning.

NFTs in the Aurory universe are called Aurorians and have several utilities for the game. First, they serve as visual identity in the game. In other words, a player’s Aurorian is his avatar.

Aurorians give players access to future game modes and function as keys to test and validate additional modes that will be added to player-versus-player.[6]

Aurory Network: Aurory is set up on the Solana . The team selected Solana for its fast transaction times and minuscule transaction fees. It is part of a bigger push of upcoming blockchain games on Solana, such as Star Atlas.[7]

PVE and PVP in Aurory

The world of Aurory offers all kinds of quests, and new ones are added on a regular basis. These quests take players to new locations and perhaps allow them to find new Nefties.

There are all kinds of Nefties, some with a strong attack, while others serve as support or tank roles. Users got it, while battling users use three Nefties, shaping their team and tactics to outmatch the opponent.

PVE is all about venturing into the wild, doing adventures, and so on. When it comes to PVP Aurory offers duels, ranked tournaments, and other game modes. The placement of Nefties on the battlefield and the synergy between these Nefties are crucial for user tactics in battle.

"Nefties won’t unlock their full potential until the users leveled them up and acquired all their powers." Some tournaments require players to stake AURY, the native token of Aurory. Monthly tournaments also reward players from a prize pool, while even spectators can earn rewards.

The Team

Yann Penno, Co-Founder, Creative and Art Director:

Yann is an artistic swiss army knife. He has worked for over 14 years in the indie games industry as a 2D/3D animator and art/creative director. His colorful visual style and cute characters are sure to turn heads. He is always trying out new things like mixing old-school analog art techniques with the most modern tech. His love for Dragon Ball knows no bounds

Paul Vadillo, Co-Founder, Marketing, Operations:

Paul is passionate about crypto-currencies and the evolutions of the market. After working in Real estate Development he went full time into investing in related projects in 2019. Gamer and artist in his spare time, he shares the vision that gaming is the path to bring adoption. His overview of the crypto market and the gaming market allow the team to provide powerfully and adapted content.

Stephan Carmignani, Game Design, Creative Director:

Stephan has been working in the video game industry for over 22 years, as a Creative Director, Design and Level design director, Team Lead, and Project Manager at Ubisoft, EA, Eidos, Warner Brothers, and Rovio. He has deep experience in IP/Brand creation and direction, VR/AR/XR development, as well as leading large teams. Worked on IPs such as Rainbow6, Splinter Cell, Deus Ex, Transformers, Batman, etc.

Anthony Richet, Developer:

Anthony has been a blockchain developer since 2016. His work has ranged from quantitative analytics to Solidity development. He has also been a contributor to successful testnets such as Avalanche, TheGraph. and Mina. His interests are quantitative and decentralized finance, as well as video games.

Claire Gary, Senior Artist:

Claire Gary is a Franco-Canadian artist. After her studies in Paris and Montreal, she started her career as an animator for AAA video games in 2010. She has since switched to concept art and illustration. Her interests are characters, animals, and creatures in a cute stylized art style.

Sarah Gehrig, Senior Animator:

She has been a 3D animator for the last 13 years. She has worked on big Ubisoft and Motive (EA) titles such as Assassin's Creed Far Cry and Rogue Squadron animating humans, and her personal favorites, creatures. Prior to becoming an animator, she studied animal health, and still uses the anatomical knowledge gained then to draw more accurate animals and creatures.[8]

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