Avid Lines

Avid Lines (Launched 2021) is an experimental  project aimed at NFTs' composability. The pieces are generated on mint, using instructions from Autoglyphs together with random characteristics. Avid Lines is a curated artwork of FingerprintsDAO and the anonymous generative artist Arihz.[1]


This NFT venture is a trial about composability in NFTs. The pieces are produced on mint, utilizing directions from Autoglyphs along with arbitrary qualities. Autoglyphs were picked in light of the fact that they're the first and most significant generative craftsmanship project, completely contained on-chain, which permits further composability.

The AVID LINES fine art is a composition of lines that are painstakingly spread across the material. This venture is a tribute to shapes got from round-finished lines and intricacy from turmoil. It has motivation from minute nature and development.

How it Works

Avid Lines NFTs enable users to mint a fine art, by picking one of the whitelisted Autoglyphs (called "generators") to fill in as incomplete directions to their piece creation. Users do not have to claim any Autoglyphs. Two pieces printed from a similar generator will not be equivalent. The made fine art is not a proliferation of an Autoglyph in any sense. Every craftsmanship is individual and fuses its own non-deterministic qualities, however, it's impacted by the basic generator on-chain guidelines.

NFTs and Sales

Avid on Opensea, Avid Lines NFTs were built on the Ethereum . There are two smart contracts that compose it- The ERC-721 Contract (the main contract, controls tokens, mints, and burns) and the Minter (Contract contract responsible for the minting process and Autoglyphs whitelisting).

Avid Lines (NFTs) has recorded about 4.6k Ethereum tokens traded in volume with a floor price of 10 ETH on OpenSea. The NFT project has about 500 items for sale or trade on the NFT marketplace( OpenSea) and a total of 274 owners as of the 29th of September 2021.[2]

Users can purchase, trade, and own unique Avid Lines' NFTs on the NFT marketplace using ETH. Categories.[3]

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Avid Lines

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