BetterBetting (BETR) (Founded in 2017) is a Blockchain-based, decentralized suite of applications that enable peer-to-peer sports betting has released a new client version of their sports odds web app where users can bet against one another using the BETR token which is available on major cryptocurrency exchanges[1][2]


Better Betting is an exciting new marketplace presenting BETR, the betting cryptocurrency that establishes a truly decentralized online sports betting. Providing a Global Betting Liquidity Pool, BETR is being built by gaming industry veterans, for the industry[3]

BETR become the exclusive cryptocurrency of some of the world's leading gaming operators With Better Betting we are excited to bring a new paradigm to the world of sports betting. BETR is pioneering peer-to-peer, decentralized sports betting. BETR will facilitate robust and scalable sports betting with no fees, no margins, no percentages, and instant payment[4]

Working with major industry players, this decentralized liquidity marketplace for sports betting can be used in many different ways and provides automated programmatic interfaces so that existing sportsbooks can link into the system[5]

BetterBetting Token

BETR is the name of the BETR Foundation cryptocurrency: a token that can be bought and traded on various exchange platforms.

The difference between BETR and many other cryptocurrencies out there is that BETR is a Utility Token (Blockchain). This means that it can be used for a particular product or service – in the case of BETR you will ultimately be able to place any bet you desire with anyone in the world without transaction fees or limitations[6]

BETR is a utility token for a specific market: sports betting. The price of the token is determined by the size of the market and the number of tokens out there. The market capitalization of sports betting worldwide is roughly between $50-100 billion and the BETR token supply is capped.

BETR can be traded on exchanges like any other crypto coin but it is considered a token because it can be used to make bets. BETR runs on the Ethereum network. The BETR token provides financial security with true peer-to-peer betting by eliminating the middle man and using blockchain technology. The software is safe and transactions are provably fair, secure, and robust[7]

BETR Foundation

The BETR Foundation was established in October 2017 to launch the cryptocurrency BETR, for use in online sports betting. The company was founded by Adriaan Brink the white paper issued prior to the ICO, details the objectives and goals for creating the BETR currency[8]

The BETR token ICO was launched in December 2017 completing in January 2018 with in excess of $5.5m of token sales. Over this period, the BETR token gathered a significant following and broad investment community.

During the ICO, BETR attracted a large, interested, and engaged community. The BETR is currently listed on numerous exchanges including HitBTC and Bancor, providing liquidity and ease of transaction[9]


  • Adriaan Brink - CEO

  • David Vanrenen - CTO

Supervisory board members are:

  • David Vanrenen

  • Hilly Ehrlich

  • Mitchell Rankin

Advisors: Ronnie O’Sullivan OBE, Jon Matonis, Jez San OBE, Eric Benz, David Vanrenen, Rasmus Sojmark, and Michael Caselli

Media Partners: Lyceum Media, Sports Betting Community

Strategic Partners: Socialitize Ltd t/a 2BET2 Sports Apps, Optimaplay, and CoinPoint

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