Bezant (BZNT) (founded in April 2018) is a service platform that provides content developers and E-commerce merchants with a disruptive way to sell to their customers: anyone can set up their own content or E-commerce store and make the most major local payment methods global and be accepted[1].


Bezant is a platform focused on developing technical solutions in the areas of digital payments and e-commerce. The original definition of Bezant is a coin that was in circulation in the X-XIII century on the territory of the Byzantine Empire. The platform was announced at the Bitcointalk forum in April 2018. This project was developed by Jehmi, Inc., led by Steve Tay. Bezant Foundation Limited is a company founded to sell tokens for the initial funding of the project. It is located in Singapore, the Bezant foundation is made up of international experts with extensive knowledge and experience from a variety of industries, including online payments, platform development, content distribution, and cryptocurrency exchange management. The Bezant Foundation provides a blockchain-centric platform that can be leveraged to enhance a company's business, based on the belief that blockchain technology will revolutionize the transmission, storage, and immutable validation of data[2].

Feature of BZNT

Bezant's goal is to act as an online end-to-end distribution and payment platform for global buyers and sellers.

Technology Used in BZNT

The Bezant Foundation used Blockchain Technology due to the following benefit: easy permission, high-security, scalable, Enterprise friendly, and Zero fees[3].

Bezant's blockchain platform consists of both blockchain and service platforms, providing service partners (SPs) with a dynamic blockchain-based payment platform to create new services.

Bezant Team

Steve Tay - Foundation Representative Director

Daesik Kim - Chief Cryptocurrency Officer

Mark Yu - Chief Product Officer

Chan Joon Kim - CEO of Jehmi

Julian Migura - Chief Business Office

Ray Cho - Chief financial officer

Ji Kim - VP, Corporate Operations

Keunil Wang - Chief Service Officer

Colin Lee - Chief technology officer

Noah Hwang - Product Manager

Jay Pang - Senior Software Architect

Kevin Park - Senior Developer

Lisa Shin - Senior Product Manager

Sally Mun - Senior Product Manager

Judy Song - Senior Developer

Leo Shin - Senior Developer

Jace Seo - Senior Developer

Ian Jeon - Senior Developer

Martin Bok - Developer

Kriss Kim - Developer

Aren Han - Developer

Eric Youn - Commuity Manager

Jeyce Jung - Lead Developer[4]

BZNT Partners

The partners of Bezant are Bibox Token (cryptocurrency), Bithumb, Blockwater capital, BXA, CHEQUER, Coinhills, COMICA, FNB, HYPERLEDGER, Latis, LINEUP, New. F.O, Six and Tconomy[5].

Social Media

BZNT is currently active on different social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, and others, Bezant handle on Twitter[6] is @bezant_io and has over 4,819 followers on her Twitter account  , 615 likes, and 674 followers on her Facebook page[7].

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