Blox (previously CoinDash) is a three-layer crypto-based social trading platform, designed to aid and assist new and experienced users to create, manage and maintain  trading portfolios and also to maximize profits[1].

Israel-based Blox is a  startup co-founded by Alon Muroch and Adam Efrima in the year 2016 as CoinDash, with its headquarters situated in Tel Aviv[2].


Blox helps you to manage and organize your trading portfolio in a simple format while having an additional ability to copy other fellow traders’ activities (a feature it calls Copy trading)[3][4].

Blox is currently in its testing stage with about 1000 participants testing the version and giving back feedback related to possible adjustments or improvements that can be made.

According to the official website of Blox, “the major obstacle faced by the cryptocurrency industry is the barrier to entry that inhibits mass adoption”.

Blox Features

Blox provides traders with easy and simple means to make smarter choices related to cryptocurrency investments[5].

Portfolio Management: provides analytics regarding user’s performance in accordance with the market and provides an automated insight into investment selection and customer portfolio.

The Trader Network: provides access to the portfolio data of the existing users and also allow the users to follow, copy and imitate the strategies of other existing successful traders by just clicking “copy trade”.

The Marketplace: is an entirely new platform where the users can explore new trending cryptocurrency or ICO, trade in the secondary market and also collect some real time market statistics.

Blox is not just a typical trading platform - it is a networked trading platform. CDT an ERC20 token is currently compatible with the Ethereum Blockchain, but aims to be able to support all smart contract blockchains that can be used in social trading networks. Its marketplace provides a real- time trading application that keeps the users up to date about the new cryptocurrencies and provides overall market status[6].

With the help of a software development kit, Blox users can merge secondary investment instruments.

The Blox Trader Network allows users to get real-time trading indication regarding the investment from successful investors but they might have to pay certain fees with Blox Token to receive this indication.


Alon Muroch – CEO[7]

Adam Efrima - Co-founder & COO

Erez Halperin - Director of Business Development

Partnership & Investors

Coinsilium Group[8]

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