Bridge Protocol

Bridge Protocol (founded on 2018) is a regulatory technology company specializing in identity services on the NEO [1].

Bridge Protocol facilitates interaction between Bridge Users, Trusted Verification Partners, and integrated Network Partners. This combination creates a robust, scalable, and secure digital identity authentication platform[6][7].


Bridge Protocol is the blockchain solution for token sales (ICOs)[2].

Bridge Protocol began development in first quarter of 2018 with the launch of their  on the NEO ecosystem. Now having an established team in development, marketing and business compliance. Bridge provides users with an easy and seamless identity verification process. With the deadlines established by our aggressive roadmap, Bridge aims to be one of the first fully compliant ID solutions on the blockchain[8].

The Bridge Protocol (BRDG) utility token is transacted for verification claims such as KYC/AML on the Bridge Network. The Bridge Passport was developed as a Google Chrome Extension and is now available via the Chrome Web Store. It can be downloaded through GitHub and has compatibility with chromium-based browsers such as Brave, Opera, and Firefox[9].

Components of the Bridge Identity Platform

The platform is made up of several components that allow for a robust, secure, and fully integrated sovereign digital identity solution.

Bridge Passport

The passport is the container for an individual’s sovereign digital identity. A user’s passport will contain their Bridge Identity cryptographic keys, their NEO and Ethereum wallets and cryptographic keys for on-chain transactions, and their verified information about their identity in the form of secure, portable claims.

Bridge Network

The Bridge Network is a public network that can facilitate communication between Bridge identities as well as provide an optional layer of trust when Bridge identities interact with one another. The Bridge Network maintains a record of known Bridge Network partner identities that have been verified as trusted organizations, as well a record of any blacklisted identities to remove bad actors from the network.

Bridge Marketplace

The Bridge Marketplace is a part of the Bridge Network that provides a marketplace that connect individuals with marketplace partners that provide services to verify their personal information and build their digital identity in exchange for Bridge Tokens.

Bridge Passport Browser Extension

The Bridge Passport Browser Extension is the official software client that provides a user interface to manage Bridge Identity and connect to the Bridge Network. The extension enables end users to create, verify, and use their digital identity in both web and blockchain based applications.

Digital Identity

Utilizing blockchain technology, Bridge Protocol assures safe and secure identity verification; for the user and the business. With simple API integration, businesses no longer need to rely on third parties to verify their users.

The Bridge Extension allows users to easily send their NEO address along with the verified identity. If a business must verify age, that is all they see. This ensures businesses only get what they need to be compliant and nothing more.!

KYC Services

The Bridge Chrome Extension allows businesses to verify identity documents and their users. The marketplace allows for providers that offer related services.

Bridge Protocol has access to the latest international criminal, money laundering and terrorism watchlists. Using state-of-the-art algorithms, individuals are verified based on critical data points across the globe. In most cases, Bridge Protocol can verify an individual’s identity almost instantly. All while remaining safe, secure, compliant, and on the blockchain.

Social Media

Bridge Protocol has active accounts on Linkedin[2], Twitter[3], Instagram[4], and Telegram[5].

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Bridge Protocol

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