carVertical is blockchain-based vehicle history registry, carVertical is a blockchain-based solution which solve all described problems. It gathers as much information about car history as possible from different sources and puts it into the blockchain registry.


All data which is in the blockchain cannot be changed, faked, rewritten, or manipulated. It provides full transparency and builds trust. CarVertical token is Not an asset, nor a security. It is a utility token. CarVertical tokens do not represent or confer any ownership right or stake, share, security, or equivalent rights, or any right to receive dividends, other payments, intellectual property rights, or any other form of participation. The holders of carVertical token are only entitled to use carVertical products as described in this document if successfully developed, or to resell the tokens. carVertical collects large quantity of information from a lot of different trusted sources, organize it in the form of records and store it in blockchain.

There is a number of data sources which can only be reached by a vehicle owner. Primary sources of such information are local registries. Data which is depersonalized, securely stored, and encrypted. Only the data owner is able to unlock and grant access to such information in exchange for tokens. This allow users to control and receive value for their information.

Every vehicle data exchange has to pass Ethereum smart contract to be validated and unlocked. Most of the vehicle history records are stored in closed and private databases.

CarVertical.Wallet serve as a gateway to most of the services. It directly communicates with Ethereum blockchain as well as other helper services. It is a mobile gateway to virtually manage users’ car's registration and maintenance records, perform insurance or technical inspection tasks, access marketplace, and manage access to user data Wallet functionality.[1][2][3][4]    


Rokas Medonis - Co-Founder & CEO

Audrius Kučinskas - Co-Founder & Full Stack Engineer

Robertas Boravskis - Co-Founder & Marketing Specialist

Arnoldas Vasiliauskas - Cipo

Arūnas Vaitkus - Lead Data Architect & Blockchain Engineer

Alex Nelkinas - Lead Frontend Engineer [5]

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