Catcoin (Created November 26, 2021) Is a community-driven token based on a meme with a dream of creating an entire ecosystem for Cat Lovers. It offers live Streams on Twitch. tv, allowing the community to share their views on Catcoin at any time. Catcoin is one of the first -related projects that combine social media with .[2][3]

In April, 2022 Catcoin migrated to a new and improved smart contract and is currently supported by its dedicated community with a new core team.


Launched on November 26, 2021 by Miaoshi Nekomoto, Catcoin is a Decentralized Meme based token that operates on the Binance Smart Chain. It is a community-owned Project that connects the crypto world with social media.

Catcoin is based on a meme with a dream of creating an entire ecosystem for Cat Lovers. It offers live Streams on, allowing the community to share their views on Catcoin at any time. Catcoin is focused on the Catnip project, which will be developed and released by mid-2022 and implemented into the Metaverse (Catverse) at the request of the community.

Also Catcoin Holders can earn more coins by only holding the CATS token, the native token of Catcoin ecosystem, It redistributes a 2% fee of each transaction to it holders. Catcoin can also be used to develop applications to provide the community with various tools and simplify the Crypto world for new investors.

Catcoin values a friendly and caring community by connecting people from all over the world and allows their thoughts flow together, making them a part of the Catfamily.

Catcoin V2

On April 22, 2022, Catcoin holders were successfully migrated to the Catcoin V2 contract via a snapshot & an airdrop. Like many migrations, there was some turmoil, but the team and community banded together & completed this process securely & efficiently. Now, with the holders currently on a contract they can be proud of, the many benefits are illuminated to new investors.

The V2 contract is also renounced, and has multiple audits, notably by Certik/Skynet and SolidProof.

The V2 contract includes a swap and liquifies function, with funds going into the multi-sig wallet for marketing and funding utilities. It also includes reflection rewards for holders and an auto-liquidity tax, which allows the Catcoin team to flexibly get the exact liquidity ratio they desire.


Catcoin Lottery 1'st Edition:

Catcoin offers its community a lottery event. Catcoin Core team create Lottery to reward community. The rules of the Catcoin lottery state that individuals can enter by purchasing a ticket for 0.1 BNB. If their ticket is selected, they will win a prize of 10 BNB.

To enter the lottery, individuals must first acquire some BNB. This can be done through a cryptocurrency exchange or by purchasing it directly from someone else who already has it. Once they have acquired their BNB, they can then use it to purchase a lottery ticket for 0.1 BNB.[4]

Voting (DAO):

Catcoin also offers its holders a DAO that gives a voice to the Catcoin community, letting the community have a say in how Catcoin develops into the future. This DAO allows only Catcoin holders to participate in the voting and also have an equal say in the decision-making of the entire community.

Staking Platform:

Catcoin Core team launched a staking platform that allows users to earn rewards by holding onto their Catcoin tokens and participating in the network's consensus mechanism. To join the platform, users will pay 2% to put their tokens on staking. By doing so, they will earn an annual percentage yield (APY) of 10% on their investment.

Also, Users can increase their APY by adding one non-fungible token (NFT) from each Catcoin series to their staking balance. NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital assets that are frequently used in the cryptocurrency world to represent items such as collectibles, art, or other forms of digital property.[5]

Contest and Giveaways:

Catcoin also encourages its amazing community by providing daily, weekly and monthly contest and giveaways. [6]


$CATS is the native token of the Catcoin ecosystem,it is a BEP-20 which is based on the Binance Smart Chain. It has a total supply of 1 quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000,000). It has a renounced contract and a locked Liquidity with a Buy tax of 5% and Sell tax of 6% giving a 2% token reflection on every transaction redistributed to its holders, Making Users earn more and more by holding Catcoin in their Decentralized Wallets.

It is currently listed on the following Exchanges:

  • LBank
  • Bkex
  • Indoex
  • PancakeSwap
  • DODO (BSC)
  • Flooz

CatCoin NFTs

wikiCat Coin Cat Club V1

The Cat Coin Cat Club V1 NFT is a collection of 1234 cat Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) listed on the Tofu Marketplace. It was launched on the 24th of February, 2022. The Cat Coin Cat Club collection Sold out within 12Min after going live. Also, the Catcoin Team plans on releasing an NFT Marketplace,along with Catcoinswap, Catverse and a multiplayer game according to the Roadmap.

Cat Coin Yacht Club V2

The Cat Coin Cat Club V2 NFT is also a collection of 1234 cat Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) listed on the Tofu Marketplace. Launched after the migration of the catcoin contract in April 2022.[1]

Events X CatCoin

CATS token is now available as a form of payment on $CATS holders can enjoy a 2% discount on all orders for 30 days!

Dragon Boat Festival

In celebration of Dragon Boat Festival this weekend, one of the 7 traditionary Chinese holidays, we are running a special event from Friday-Sunday for approximately 72 hours! For the first time, CatCoin will be reducing it's buy tax to ZERO for these 72 hours! That's right 0% tax on buys! On top of this, we also have a Biggest Buy competition. The biggest buy at the end of the Festival will receive a 7.5 BNB Prize directly to their wallet. And finally, we will be awarding a randomly selected buy (0.25 BNB and above to qualify) a 2.5 BNB reward at the end (Must have held for at least 2 weeks prior or be a new buyer).

Crypto Expo Asia

After Dubai and Miami, CatCoin will not only have a booth at the forthcoming Singapore crypto show (22nd – 23rd June), but they will also be one of the main sponsors of the event

Team Members

The Catcoin team includes a group of Dedicated and Hardworking individuals who have worked hard to see the project standing Strong and Promising. They Are:

NameBioSocial Media Links
Acostioai MariusAcosti is a 35 year old Romanian Marketing Graphic Designer with 12 years experience in design indoor and outdoor projects. His history with crypto started 12 years ago, when he mined his first Bitcoin, and from that time he manage to accumulate it. His passions is to create music hence, He became a music producer and he loves making EDM music. Acosti also has a flight license (small planes) and he likes to travel and make new connections. He his the brain behind most of the graphic content posted by Catcoin.
Dane D.Dane is a 33 year old Texan with 7 years crypto experience. Former NCAA athlete, strength coach, & professional gamer, with a background in cybersecurity. Cryptocurrency skills include project leadership, management, marketing strategy, technical anaylsis, and public speaking. Have taken several high profile projects to huge marketcaps.
Adam VernonAdam who has a Coll and Calm voice is a 42 years young, computer scientist with experience in big data, AI and deep learning. I have been in the crypto space for many years, assisting teams creating structure and developing their assets. His main goals with CatCoin are to educate the community, support charities and ensure they all enjoy the financial benefits of DE-FI.
Govind Gopinath (BPM)BPM who is in charge of the Chingari social, is a 29-year-old Mechanical Engineering Graduate whose passion for travelling turned him into a Photographer. He has worked for a Digital Marketing Agency and a Travel YouTube Channel in the past. When he is not working, he loves slow travelling, Meeting strangers at backpacker's hostels. After he joined the Catcoin Team, Govind decided to open his home for a Stray Cat.
Charles SalernoCharlie is a 35 year old Philadelphia born, outdoor enthusiast & family man currently living in New Jersey. General contractor who believes in hard work, tenacity, & dedication. Chalie is always polite & positive, willing to help someone in need in any way he can. Cat lover and adopter of crypto, Chalie is often referred to as the Cat-father from his fellow holders, due to his being an early voice for good, hope, & positivity in the community.
Daniel VillagraDaniel is a 32-year-old Canadian with a passion for the internet, websites and online marketing since 12 years of age. A creative businessman with a BBA and Advanced Marketing Diploma, that has had the pleasure of working with brands for over a decade. He is a believer of crypto, and the positive difference it makes in society. When not working, Daniel enjoys being a family man, supporting important causes, and educating those who are new to crypto.\_crypto


Catcoin is in partnership with various firms which includes:

  • TofuNFT
  • Flooz Trade
  • Blockchain Brothers
  • Lasahido
  • degem
  • (SPI)
  • GTCup open


Phase 1 (Completed):

  • Version 1 inception
  • Transfer to previous developers community
  • Formation and organization of teams
  • Viral Marketing campaign/Catcoin emerges onto the Scene
  • Begins migration planning

Phase 2:

  • Journey to 100 million MarketCap catcoin
  • Completes migration to new contract
  • CMC/CG Updates BSCSCAN/Trustwallet
  • Update solidGroup Audit, Certik Audit
  • Marketing Campaigns increase TikTok / YouTube ambassador campaign begins
  • T2 Centralized Exchanges resumes all trading T2 Exchanges Added
  • First T1 NFT series begin rollout DAO development completes

Phase 3:

  • 100 million marketcap + viral marketing campaign intensifies
  • Team Expansion, meme and social media outreach expanded
  • NFT Series add additional utility and more released More T1 and T2 exchanges List
  • Catcoin Staking platform is released
  • Marketing Firm Joins catcoin

Phase 4:

  • Sister Token and ETH bridge released
  • Top Secrete utility unveiled
  • Larger additional T1s
  • Larger Partnership
  • Flare Marketing campaign begins

Phase 5:

  • Fiture is bright
  • Meeooow
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