CEEK VR is a distributor of cryptographically authenticated immersive content and merchandise. CEEK’s device agnostic platform is compatible with smartphones, Smart TV’s, desktop, Virtual reality, Augmented reality and Mixed reality devices. CEEK’s world class partners include Universal Music, Apple and T-Mobile.

CEEK Tokens are governed by Ethereum Smart contracts, allowing token holders ability for flexible, tokenized ‘in-world’ interactions, rewards, voting, contests, virtual goods and other transactions utilizing ERC20 compliant Tokens called CEEK. [1]


CEEK virtual reality environments are governed by Ethereum smart contracts, allowing token holders ability for flexible, tokenized ‘in-world’ interactions, rewards, voting, contests, virtual goods and more ‘in-world’ transactions utilizing ERC20 compliant Tokens called CEEK.

Each CEEK Token holder will be able to participate in virtual reality space for real world celebrity concerts, charity fundraisers, sporting events, VR commerce, classroom learning and much, much more as the exciting world of virtual reality meets real world opportunity through Smart contract governance.

CEEK currently offers a number of immersive VR experiences inside of virtual reality within ‘CEEK CITY’, including a theatre, concert arena, sports complex, hangout lounge and more. After the token launch end users will be able to use the CEEK Token to make purchases, vote for content, control the programming and much, much more.

CEEK Tokens are easy to use, multi-purpose tokens where CEEKERS will be able to earn and trade virtual goods and experience all kinds of interactive entertainment in the most popular virtual reality platform online.

CEEK takes interactive voting to a “next level” experience in CEEK CITY allowing CEEKERS to access self-governing, user curated content inside private and public VR experiences through interactive vote-based venue and programming controls. All votes are cast using CEEK Tokens or custom venue coins.

CEEK Virtual Mint allows users to mint their own token, coin, virtual item or merchandise at 10x less gas cost!

CEEK Coin Cast is a custom minting tool that allows the entertainment industry to ‘mint’ or create virtual tickets, venue coins, personal brand tokens and virtual merchandise of any kind. Why launch an ICO when CEEK has set the stage inside of an existing virtual reality metaverse? Additionally, CEEK uses a special protocol that makes it 10X less expensive than normal gas cost used by Ethereum, so creating and using your virtual merchandise inside CEEK will save everyone time and expense.[1][2][3][4]     


Mary Spio - CEO & Founder

Laurie Clark - Chief operating officer

Alex Lasarev – CMO [5]

Partnership & Investors

CEEK VR, Inc.’s partnership agreement with Universal Music Group grants rights to live performances with top tier artists including Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, U2, Sting, Neyo and more! CEEK has upcoming releases with major studios and influential producers. [1]

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