CFX Token

CFX is the native of , which operates as a permissionless Layer 1 . $CFX is used for payment, rewards, rewards, and network governance on the network [1][2]


$CFX token was introduced in November 2020. Each CFX currency is made up of smaller units called drips, which are equivalent to on the network or Satoshis in . [4]

A single CFX crypto coin has 10^18 drips. In order to initiate a transaction on the , users are required to pay a nominal amount of drip as a transaction fee. This fee is subsequently granted to system maintainers, commonly referred to as miners. [4]

Conflux Network has a total supply of 5 billion pre-mined CFX tokens used to reward developers and contributors to the ecosystem. 40% of the supply was allocated to ecosystem funding, 36% was allocated to the Genesis Team, 12% to private equity funders, 8% to community funding, and 4% was allocated to public funding. [4][5]


Users are required to CFX tokens to participate in the Conflux community's governance and exercise voting rights. Apart from voting, token holders who stake CFX have the opportunity to earn passive income. CFX is also utilized for gas fees, enabling users to execute on the . [4][7]

Developers can make use of CFX tokens to power. Finally, CFX is used to incentivize miners on the Conflux network in the form of , , and interest from developers' locked tokens. [4][7]

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CFX Token


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