Champz is a turn-based browser RPG (role-playing game) with a play-to-earn model, drawing inspiration from 90s-style browser games.[1] Launched in June 2023 on the , Champz is fueled by the $CHAMPZ token, offering an immersive gaming experience and lucrative rewards for players.[2]

As of the time of writing, Champz has generated more than 300 in revenue through its tax system and has distributed over 102 to its daily players.[3]


Launched in June 2023, Champz, also known as Champignons of Arborethia, is a captivating browser-based RPG (role-playing game) that immerses players in a medieval fantasy setting. Developed based on the concept of "Legend of the Green Dragon," which was inspired by Seth Ables' "Legend of the Red Dragon," Champz offers a richly designed world where players can create characters, embark on quests, and interact with fellow players.[2]

The game's narrative revolves around six unique mushroom species residing near Arborethia, the majestic tree of life. These mushrooms serve as the last bastion of defense against the tree's enemies, setting the stage for an epic adventure. Players can choose from 9,000 unique mushrooms to play as, using them to explore the vast landscape, expand their habitat, and partake in daily adventures. Each mushroom tribe has its profession, with some specializing in combat, while others excel in exploration or foraging. Players earn in-game currency, SPORES, by completing tasks and quests, which can be exchanged for or used in the daily buyback and burn of the $CHAMPZ token. Additionally, players can earn SPORES by ordering their mushrooms to forage, further enhancing the play-to-earn mechanics of Champz.[4]
wikiChampignons of Arborethia aims to captivate players with its immersive world and engaging gameplay, offering both entertainment and the opportunity to earn rewards. Whether a player is exploring the lush landscapes of Arborethia or battling against enemies, Champz offers an exciting play-to-earn experience that rewards players for their skill and dedication.

Its innovative play-to-earn mechanics, allow Players can complete daily quests to earn ETH, engage in combat to loot SPORES, and even have the chance to receive Arborethia's blessing, a rare drop that enhances gameplay.[2]

Moreover, Champz incorporates a unique play-to-burn mechanism, where players can use their earned SPORES to burn the $CHAMPZ token, resulting in a daily buyback and burn of the token.
In essence, Champz offers a rich and immersive experience, inviting players to join the ranks of resilient mushroom heroes as they explore, fight, and protect their sanctuary in Arborethia.[4][5]


In Champz, players dive into the magical world of Arborethia, joining the fight against evil forces threatening this mystical land. At the core of Champz's gameplay are six unique mushroom species, serving as the last line of defense for Arborethia. Players can choose from 9,000 unique mushrooms to play as or use to explore the vast landscape and engage in daily adventures.[6]

In this immersive game, players control Mushroom soldiers, each with its unique abilities and traits, tasked with protecting their homeland. To participate, players need to own at least one of the mushroom NFTs. For those wanting to use more than two mushroom in-game, they must hold at least 50,000 $CHAMPZ in their wallet. Moreover, holding $CHAMPZ increases their potential earnings.

Arborethia stands as the grand tree, and as a newly grown mushroom, each player must rise, explore, train, and eventually defend against The Swarm to become a true Champignon of Arborethia. A day in “Arborethia” mirrors 24 hours in real life. Each character starts a new day with a base amount of Action Points (AP) and Health Points (HP), enabling them to perform various activities, each costing different amounts of AP.[7]

Every day, a Mushroom has 10 Action Points, and once a player exhausts them, they regenerate the following day. They can opt to Fight for 1 Action Point, embark on an Exploration Quest for 2 Action Points, or go Foraging, utilizing all 10 of their initial Action Points. There's a strategic element in deciding between [fighting vs. exploring & foraging], but there's no definitive right or wrong approach; progress through the world is entirely up to the player! As players advance, they earn SPORES and experience, and they also discover a variety of items! SPORES, Experience, and Items are all acquired based on the difficulty of the quest or the strength of the enemy defeated.

The gameplay unfolds in several exciting ways:

wikiForaging: To forage, a character needs to be in foraging mode when a new day starts (Snapshot at new day event). Foraging will be rewarded with SPORES and EXP depending on the character level and the used AP. The reward can be increased by the character traits and equipped items. A player can assign a mushroom to forage SPORES, with the reward progressively increasing based on the staked mushroom's level and the AP used.[2]

Fighting: Players can order mushrooms to defend Arborethia against attacking creeps, gaining experience (EXP) with each victory and a chance for loot drops (Items, SPORES). A lost fight results in the character's death, but they are revived with the start of a new day.

Exploring: Players can send mushrooms on text-based adventures, where players make active decisions in story-driven events.

Revive: Revive a mushroom during the day for SPORES after it dies. However, it does not restore any Action Points (AP), except if it had fewer than 2 AP when dying, which are then set to 2.

Level up: To level up, a mushroom must be alive, exceed the EXP threshold, and spend a certain amount of SPORES. This amount increases significantly with character level. Leveling up refreshes Health Points (HP) but does not restore any Action Points (AP).[8]

Champz NFTs (Mushrooms)

wikiThe Champz NFTs are integral in-game characters used within the game. They were originally minted on 15th December 2023 and are tradable on the platform. This collection comprises 9,000 unique mushrooms, each of which belongs to one of six different classes that coexist symbiotically with Arborethia, the tree of life.[9]

When rolled, each mushroom is generated as one of these six classes. In addition to having unique cosmetics, each class possesses a distinct class-specific attribute and spell. While the distribution of the classes is equal, the rarity of the attribute increases the less likely it is to occur.

The NFT characters are as follows:

Melee Characters:

  • Warrior (10-75%Base HP)
  • Lumberjack (25-150%Base Defense)

Ranged Characters:

  • Hunter (10-45%Base Attack)
  • Jester (50-150%Exp)

Magic Characters:

  • Priest (3-9%HP Regen)
  • Alchemist (50-150%Foraging reward)[10][2]



CHAMPZ is the native token of the Champignons of Arborethia game, with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) tokens. Currently, the Circulating Supply stands at 942,159,464.181 (942 million) $CHAMPZ tokens, while the remaining 57,840,535.819 (57.8 million) $CHAMPZ tokens are held in the burn address.[11]

The primary use case for the token is to facilitate the minting of characters within the virtual world of Arborethia. To mint a character, a player must hold a minimum of 35,000 $CHAMPZ tokens in their wallet. Additionally, each wallet is limited to minting a maximum of 7 characters. Transactions involving $CHAMPZ tokens incur a 5% fee, with 2% allocated to Play2Burn and Play2Earn mechanisms. This fee structure encourages active participation and engagement within the game ecosystem.[19]

It's important to note that the contract governing $CHAMPZ is renounced and owned by the burn address. This means that the contract's current functionalities are set in stone, and there will be no future changes to its core mechanics.[12]

$CHAMPZ tokens can be traded on such as , providing players with the flexibility to manage their tokens outside of the game environment.[13][11]


Spores are the in-game currency used in Arborethia, specifically within the Champz game. They serve as the primary currency for transactions within the game's marketplace. Spores have various uses within the game, including healing, reviving mushrooms after battle or exploration, equipping characters, leveling up, and burning $CHAMPZ.

One key feature of Spores is their theoretically infinite supply, which means there is no cap on the number of Spores that can be created. However, they cannot be directly exchanged for , which prevents issues related to infinite inflation. Spores do not require blockchain transactions for in-game use.[14]

Players can acquire Spores through engaging in diverse in-game endeavors, including combat, quests, and resource gathering. Furthermore, players have the option to "burn" their Spores, a process that affects the circulating supply of Spores within the game. The ratio of circulating Spores to burnt Spores is calculated using three key metrics: the Burn Bucket (the sum of all burnt Spores per day), the Total Spores Bucket (the sum of all remaining Spores in all wallets per day), and the Daily BBBB (Buy Back and Burn Bucket) in ETH, representing the ETH amount potentially available for burning.

Players who burn at least 10% of the Top Burner Wallet in a given day become eligible for the Truffle Payout, a unique reward system based on a raffle. Winners of the raffle, determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG), have the opportunity to convert their Truffles (a secondary in-game currency) into an ETH package, which can then be claimed and received in their wallet.[11][15]


Truffles serve as the secondary in-game currency, primarily intended for conversion into ETH, requiring gas transactions for claims. They are notably rarer than SPORES and are generated solely through Daily Logins, completing Quests, or emerging victorious in the Daily SPORE Burn Event. The process of converting Truffles into ETH will be elaborated on in the subsequent section.[16]

In Game Assets


items are like mushrooms, each possessing unique traits that affect gameplay. They are released in batches, with rarer items having better modifiers. There are four item categories: Offensive, Defensive, Special, and Consumables. Characters can equip one item from the Offensive, Defensive, or Special categories.

Equipping an item incorrectly (e.g., placing a melee weapon on a ranged character) incurs a penalty. Items can be freely equipped when a slot is empty or when a character levels up; otherwise, it costs a currency called SPORES. Replacing an item moves the old item to the player's inventory.[17]

Items not equipped can be sold in the marketplace, with the price and duration of the sale chosen by the player. Any account with enough SPORES can buy items from the marketplace, and listings can be canceled at any time.

Offensive and Defensive items come in eight rarities, from Common to Unique, each increasing in power. Unique items are special and can only be acquired through quests or achievements. Items can be upgraded by combining multiples of the same rarity, following specific rules.

Items of higher rarities cannot be obtained through drops and must be forged using lower rarity items. The forging system can be accessed through the menu bar.[7]

Experience (EXP)

Experience (EXP) is a valuable in-game currency that players earn to level up their Mushroom NFTs, enhancing their abilities and unlocking new features as they progress through the game.

As players progress through the game, they naturally earn EXP, which can be utilized to level up their Mushroom. Leveling upholds no drawbacks and is strongly recommended, as Mushrooms will not accrue additional EXP until leveled up. Additionally, leveling up fully heals the Mushroom, making it a highly advantageous action. Moreover, leveling up leads to Rebirth, a mechanism that grants Mushrooms even greater powers.[18]

Rebirth becomes available once a Mushroom reaches level 15 or above and can be performed twice per Mushroom. Upon undergoing Rebirth, a Mushroom's level resets to 1, but the player gains an additional stat boost roll for their base character. Furthermore, a Gold Star is added next to the character's name in the Leaderboards. Each Rebirth also enhances the Multiplier bonus for SPORES, offering a significant gameplay boost.[7]

Arborethia’s Blessing

wikiIn the world of Arborethia, players have the chance to receive random Blessings for defending their land, particularly during event periods. Winning a fight during these events offers a small probability of receiving Arborethia's Blessing. This blessing translates into an immediately claimable major ETH gift, which can vary in value (e.g., 1 ETH x1, 0.3 ETH x3, or 0.5 ETH x2, etc.). It's important to note that these Blessings are not always available, so players should stay vigilant for upcoming events to maximize their chances of receiving these rewards.[2]


The core team is located in Austria and the project is run by a registered company.
Matsta and RawCat are the co-founders of Champignons of Arborethia and the outward-facing leads of the team. This dynamic duo excels as development leads and has been creating the game for over a year and a half alongside their core team of close friends in Austria.

The team has a long history, growing up together and playing video games for over two decades, some on a competitive basis, always prioritizing fun. With experience playing games like OGame, Legend of the Green Dragon, and others in the late 90s/early 2000s, they have witnessed the gaming industry's evolution longer than crypto has been around.

Having been in since 2017, the core team has experienced both the highs and lows of the industry. They truly aim for fun over profit, a rare perspective. The team has actively participated in the community projects, and some of those connections have found their way to Champignon as well.

In their daily lives, the team works in IT management for large global companies, developing the game because they genuinely enjoy it. Matsta and RawCat, as the core backend developer and game designer respectively, love delving into the roots of software development. Fulfilling a childhood dream of theirs to develop a computer game, they believe it's progressing well.

Other Members of the Team include Andrew, Enoch, Morig, Nat & Alejandro[20]

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