Circuits of Value

Circuits of Value (KOVAL) is an ERC-20 cryptocurrency token issued atop the Ethereum blockchain and utilized to power the Circuit of value's ecosystem. Circuits of Value describe itself as a crypto-tradeable platform for moveable value, both for its native token and other coins. Circuit of Value (COVAL) is a network of distributed trustless, fast, and supportive peer-to-peer Communication ledgers for cryptocurrencies[4].


The Circuits of Value (Coval) introduces real-time value to users within its platform. Circuits of Value is a Blockchain technology that supports its native cryptocurrency (COVAL) as well as coins from other environments. The blockchain offers to record the transactions securely through trustless models.

Emblem is COVAL’s sidechain asset. The wallets store the native cryptos and the individual tokens are taken directly into the blockchain. The Emblem Vault represents the transactions containing both these entities.

This Emblem Vault is defined as an entire wallet inside a Token. This practically makes and combines different blockchain tokens into a single token, such that can make tradable DeFi (Decentralized Finance) Pools. Users can thus make any token a privacy token simply by utilizing the Blockchain's first Composite Token ($COVAL).

With the Circuits of Value (Coval), users can trade tokens from any Blockchain on Ethereum, make hedged tokens by creating Vaults that contain multiple tokens, trade multiple tokens at the same time as a single token, and carry transactions, not just tokens, but also Digital Files[5].

Features of COVAL

Circuits of Value have the following key features:

COVAL Prism:

This is described as a collaboration between ShapeShift and COVAL, which was created by ShapeShift. COVAL makes use of this Ethereum-based smart contract software to enhance its crypto-asset portfolios. COVAL Prism helps users to share their entire portfolio or just a part of it.


This is a collection of cards or tokens, which can contain multiple kinds of multimedia such as music, videos, or anything. Users can also view them on apps and games. The platform also allows the sale and purchase of these cards or a pack.


Circuits of Value (Coval) has created a Peer-to-peer lending network in its Decentralized blockchain. For this, COVAL uses ZeroNet to act as a protocol for the P2P network. On this peer-to-peer network, the traders on two ends of the communication line can securely deal without being monitored by an authority. The conversation remains off the record maintaining complete anonymity.


Circuits of Value (COVAL) also aims to contribute to the gaming sector. There are different actions like attacking an opponent or climbing on the roof involved in Online games. COVAL has created tokens for these actions which can be either earned, purchased, or traded with other users on the same game. COVAL Verb is thus a token that will help in actions such as attacking, following, running, climbing, and others. The VERB tokens can only be bought using the COVAL coins.

Emblem Vault Use-Cases

As earlier described, the Emblem Vault is a product within the Circuits of Value Ecosystem that is designed to function as an entire wallet inside a Token (i.e $COVAL). The following are the Emblem Vault use-cases:

Value Backed Digital Art:

Users can create an Emblem Vault that contains one or more pieces of Collectable Art ( that are ERC-721 NFT) along with some Bitcoin.

Tradable Portfolios:

Users can with the Circuit of Value's Emblem Vault, combine multiple assets into a single token. Combining about 40% of Bitcoin (BTC), 20% of Ethereum (ETH), 10% LINK, 10% AMPL, and 10% ADA Cardano makes a tradable portfolio.

Portable Liquidity Pools:

Users can create an Emblem Vault with multiple pool tokens to make transferable Liquidity pools to Balancer, Uniswap, and More.

Transparent Funds

Users' creation of the Emblem Vault, held by the community or other trusted third party, allows multiple people to deposit into this vault with trust.

Aggregate Token Creation:

Users can split and Combine Vaults into an aggregate of their values and claim part of the value inside a vault[1].


Circuits of Value (Coval) is an ERC-20 Cryptocurrency token, launched to power Circuits of value's ecosystem. The token's ticker is denoted as COVAL and it has a total supply of 1,200,000,000 COVAL tokens. The token registered an All-Time High of $0.04976620 USD on January 06, 2018, and an All-Time-Low of $0.00001000 USD on March 31, 2017. Currently, the most active market trading $COVAL is Uniswap (v2) cryptocurrency Exchange[2].

Token Uses-Cases

Used as Discount

Emblem Vaults depends on $FUEL as its fee token. $COVAL is used when purchasing $FUEL tokens to provide a discount.

Used as Rewards

Applications accepting $COVAL as payment will reward a portion back to liquidity providers

$FUEL purchased from the market:

When $FUEL is purchased using Ethereum (ETH) on Uniswap it will go through the $COVAL pool[3].

Token Allocation

The Circuits of Value (COVAL ) token is distributed as follows:

AllocationPercentage (%)Token Amount
Legacy Distribution60%~1.2 billion
Liquidity & Development20 %
Reserve & Team10 %200 M
Audits, Marketing, Partnerships5 %100 M
Staking Rewards5 %100 M
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Circuits of Value

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