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Collaborative Fund is a venture capital firm focused on providing seed and early-stage funding to technology companies. It is a network of fund managers investing across asset classes, identifying and supporting companies[2].


Collaborative Fund was founded in 2010 by Craig Shapiro, the firm is based in New York City and manages approximately $100 million of investor capital. Its portfolio includes Kickstarter, Lyft, Neverware, Quora, Blue Bottle, and Reddit.
It is a leading source of capital for entrepreneurs pushing the world forward.

Invested Sectors

At collab Fund, Collab = (people x stuff) + new technologies^creativity
The VC ha supported diverse ompaniies and startups in different niche around human's existence including-

  1. Climate: Examples include (AlgiKnit, Brimstone, Commonwealth Fusion Systems, Dandelion, Kula Bio, Lyft, Mango Materials, Modern Meadow, Noon Energy, Perennial, Quaise, Span, Socar, Therma, Zitara, among others).
  2. Food: Examples include (Benson Hill, Beyond Meat, CookUnity, Daily Harvest, Fork & Goode, Foxtrot, Good Eggs, Immi, Magic Spoon, OLIPOP, Omsom, Prime, among others).
  3. Money: Examples (AngelList, Camino Financial, Dreambound, Kickstarter, LTSE, Spruce, Step, Tagomi, Tala, Taxbit, Teamshares, Upstart, among others).
  4. Kids: Examples include (Brave Care, Mighty, Lovevery, OK Play, Osmo, Sawyer, Outschool, Yup, among others).
  5. Companies: Examples include (AngelList, Camino Financial, Dreambound, Kickstarter, LTSE, Spruce, Step, Tagomi, Tala, Taxbit, Teamshares, Upstart, among others).[3]


This is the cryptocurrency investment niche of the Collaborative Fund ecosystem-- supporting early-stage projects building the next generation of financial infrastructure, culture, and human organization.
The platform has supported diverse project including:

  • Aave
  • Ample
  • Bright Moments
  • Deca
  • Ethereum
  • Flipside
  • Gm
  • HolaAplx, etc.[4]

Its investment portfolio ranges from Pick&Shovels, to Layer1, DeFi, to NFT/Culture.[5]


In 2014, Collaborative Fund launched a $10 million joint investment vehicle with Line, a Japanese messaging service.
In early 2016, Collaborative Fund partnered with Sesame Workshop to form a $10 million joint fund, aimed at investing in startups focused on education, health, and social welfare for children.

Recent Project Fundings

Collaborative Fund led AlgiKnit's $13M Series A. AlgiKnit is a seaweed-based materials company helping create a cleaner future through sustainable yarn and fibers.
The venture capital also supported Verne, a climate tech startup providing high-density, low-cost, lightweight hydrogen storage for zero-emission trucks and other heavy transportation. Verne was also featured in Bill Gates’ recent GatesNotes on hydrogen[1].

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Collaborative Fund


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