Contentos is a -based decentralized digital content platform that aims to form the foundation for a decentralized digital content ecosystem that empowers all members, including creators, consumers, and advertisers, to earn fair compensation for their contributions. Contentos also intends to establish itself as the future Ethereum of digital content, accepting content of all kinds[3][4].

Contentos aims to build a decentralized, global digital content community that allows content to be freely produced, distributed, rewarded, and traded, while protecting author rights. Contentos incentivizes content creation and global diversity and return the rights and value of content to its users. Contentos is establishing itself as the future Ethereum of digital content, accepting content DApps of all kinds[5].


Contentos is run by a nonprofit foundation and its fundamental objective is to serve the public. This maximizes the value of content creators and system participants and allows all participants to benefit from the prosperity and growth of the ecosystem.

The Contentos protocol aims to build a globally-distributed content incentive and distribution system through utilizing blockchain technology distributed storage capabilities. The protocol will enable content creators to earn revenue without depending on centralized platforms; instead, digital content can be freely produced, stored, and distributed to reach consumers and advertisers directly. This results in a situation where value is fairly measured, and prices are open and transparent. The Contentos ecosystem will include systems for content distribution, copyright registration, creator certification, along with social features such as likes, shares, and comments[1][2].  

Features of Contentos

Peer-to-peer revenue distribution: Contentos provides open and transparent payment channels among content creators, advertisers, and audiences. The tokens as subscription fee, gifting, or sponsorship can be tracked on blockchain transactions. Contentos will also provide a smart contract template which automates content monetization.

Decentralized traffic distribution: the Contentos blockchain is designed to facilitate content distribution free from platform control. The built-in ecological reward motivates content creators to improve their creations, audiences to interact with content they truly appreciate, and the community and dApp developers to design the best strategy to deliver favorable content to corresponding audience.

Trackable copyright transaction: verification, trade, and storage of non-physical property rights through Contentos blockchain will enable quick and comprehensive access to copyright information. Trade flows and derivative works will be recorded permanently on the blockchain. Content creators will register their copyright and provide original content statements, authenticated and traced with time stamps.

Immutable credit system: in the Contentos ecosystem, user interactions are tracked on the blockchain and cannot be tampered with. Users can improve their credit scores only through demonstrating positive and trustworthy behaviors, thereby becoming eligible for ecological rewards and increasing their credibility. In this way, the users collectively build a reliable, self-sustaining review system[6][7][8].


A few of Contentos' current team members are;

  1. Mick Tsai - Co-Founder CEO
  2. Zac Nien – VP of product
  3. Ava Wen – VP of Marketing
  4. Peter Wei – VP of Engineering

Partnership and Investors

Contentos is funded by 17 investors and 25 partners.

Some of the investors are: Binance, DHVC, NECO Eco Fund, OGC, NEO Global Capital, IDG Capital, Matrix Partners, Node Capital, Blockshine, Fulcrum Capital, Fund, YeeCall, Univalues Associates, Loopring etc[1].

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