CryptoDads (launched September 10, 2021) is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated and unique art pieces carefully chosen by some of the greatest dads themselves.
Some of the inspiration for the artwork came from the animated comedy "Bob's Burgers," [1]


The CryptoDads project visualizes their tokens through generated artwork in the style of the popular cartoon, Bob's Burgers. Each CryptoDad is unique and has comparative rarity values contrasting other tokens. Token owners possess the digital rights to their artwork and can use their intellectual property as they see fit. [2]

The base design was derived from an image of American actor Nick Offerman, best known for his roles in "Parks and Recreation" and "We're The Millers."

"I was trying to think 'who is the most dad-looking guy on the planet?' Well, Nick Offerman obviously,"

Jay, Founder and CEO said.[3]

Jay then designed the "OG Dad" and passed it along to CryptoDads artist Leya who began adding different traits to the art pieces.

"The project relies less on the rarity of its traits and more on the relatability of the artwork"

Jay said in an interview.

"People are actually finding CryptoDads that they relate to and they're kind of finding that emotional connection to them, which is what we love to see because we have an emotional connection to this as well."

Co-founder JCrypto, who interviewed alongside Jay, said he began reaching out to people in other NFT communities to bring attention to the CryptoDads project.

The team focused on growing the project organically and it has blown up since.

The public sale started on September 10, 2021 at 5pm EST, the NFTs were minted 0.07 ETH each.

The CryptoDads Boom

The project has been a major success and the community has grown with it, with the CryptoDads Discord, which currently has more than 53,000 members.
wikiThe project has even gained some attention from celebrities including musical artist Steve Aoki and Denver Broncos players Von Miller and Brandon McManus. The CryptoDads team released a "CryptoDads Honorary Members" collection featuring said celebrities. JCrypto noted that the collection is completely separate from the original CryptoDads project and reaffirmed that the original project will never have more than 10,000 art pieces.
The project was founded by Anthony Jay, a former E-commerce professional who is now an NFT, crypto, and tech entrepreneur.

"The CryptoDads team has been contacted by multiple writers who have written content for animated series on Netflix Inc"

JCrypto said.

"From what they say, there have been talks in the media world about a [possible] CryptoDads show. That's beyond any real discussions we've had with them, but apparently, that's something that's going on in their industry."

The CryptoDads founders said they will be releasing a CryptoMoms project soon, followed by a CryptoTots project. The CryptoDads team isn't stopping there, as it hopes to turn the overwhelmingly popular NFT project into a tech company.

The team recently donated $30,000 to Movember Foundation, a charitable organization for mental health and suicide prevention and has plans to donate to more charities including a cancer research fund.

Blockchain Lawn Mower Racing Game

CryptoDads is working on a "Blockchain Lawn Mower Racing Game" and has plans to open a creative studio in Denver, Colorado to create a metaverse.

All CryptoDad holders will be able to import their CryptoDad into this game and race against one another to earn $CDAD tokens. These tokens will be able to be used towards Lawn Mower Tune-ups, IRL CryptoDad events, etc.

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