Cryptonex (ticker symbol: CNX) is a hybrid pow/pos that uses the scrypt.
Cryptonex is a decentralized, global new-generation cryptocurrency. It is the world’s first acquiring to be traded on the HitBTC[1][2][3].

Cryptonex Features

Cryptonex has four features that allow the platform to function and offer better services to users worldwide[4][5][6].
These four features are:
Algorithm Scrypt: Cryptonex uses Algorithm Scrypt. The Algorithm Scrypt offer high reliability, excellent Bounty programs, and PoS mining.

Importance: Cryptonex platform offer users of the platform and other people from all over the world new opportunities uniting the blockchain community.

Speed: due to the use of the PoS scheme used by Cryptonex, all transactions on the platform takes only a couple of seconds to be completed.

Stability: The network is supported by an extensive network of nodes that are located everywhere worldwide.

POS mining

Cryptonex gives users the opportunity to profit with the help of POS mining[7][8][9].

CNX token

The CNX cryptocurrency is directly involved in the global blockchain acquiring development process. The demand for the coin to grow is huge. Not only from bank partners bank also from private investors, to provide liquidity in acquiring. You can buy CNX and transfer into your wallet and keep it online for the amount of time you want to. The POS mining yield 12% per annum + commissions from your wallet transactions. The price of the coin growth is not included in the income. It is necessary for you to register and buy CNX coins in order to get rewards from mining. Depending on the Wallet[10][11].

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