CryptoonGoonz is a collection of 6,969 (NFTs). Each Goon has eight unique qualities ranging in rarity from common to ultra rare. [6] With a few unique characteristics tucked away among them.[1]


The CryptoonGoonz is the first collection of NFTs based in the Cryptoon world . Each Goon consists of eight properties of varying rarities, from common to ULTRA rare. [2]

The Cryptoon Goonz collection includes 6,969 generative rubber hose type figures with hundreds of distinct qualities that not only modify the look of a single Goon, but also entirely change the form of a Goon.[5]

Every version of a Cryptoon Goon is dressed out in pop culture, hip-hop, and streetwear references, whether it's a wolf, cat, or ape/marshmallow hybrid.[3]


  • 10% Minted

20 CryptoonGoonz are minted and airdropped to random holders

1 ETH are airdropped to a single random holder

  • 25% Minted

5 random CryptoonGoonz holders are to be airdropped 1ETH

25 more CryptoonGoonz are minted and airdropped to random holders

  • 40% Minted

A community wallet are created and 5 Ethereum are to be added

  • 50% Minted

DAO are established to govern the community wallet. 1 CryptoonGoon = 1 vote

  • 60% Minted

CryptoonGoonz merch store are launched and random holders can be awarded free merchandise

  • 70% Minted

10 ETH added to community wallet

5 ETH donated to charity of community choosing[7]

  • 80% Minted

GoonGang Syndicate are launched. Involving exclusive merch, contests, and giveaways for members only

  • 90% Minted

Over 10 ETH are added to community wallet and  are distributed among holders

  • 100% Minted

The next NFT project based in the Cryptoon world are announced. Only members of the GoonGang are able to mint before launch at a discounted price[4].

What Is the Cryptoon Goonz Portal?

The Cryptoon Goonz Portal is a bridge to a different version of Cryptoon Goonz NFTs. Original Cryptoon Goonz NFTs can be sent to the Portal, and in return, the sender receives a "new" NFT - a Portal Goon. 
The Portal Goon will be the same character as the original Cryptoon Goonz NFT but built for a different world - World #1. At this time, no more details have been shared about World #1.

How Does the Cryptoon Goonz Portal Work?

The Portal is the branded name given for the Cryptoon Goonz smart contract, which enables the creation of the Portal Goonz NFT. 
Essentially, when interacting with the Portal, users will be sending their original Cryptoon Goonz NFT to a smart contract, which then sends them a Portal Goon NFT that matches the version they sent in. 
Users can then recall their original Goonz NFT from the smart contract at any time, but when doing so, they will be sending their Portal Goon back! 
The Goonz team shared a helpful graphic.

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