dAGI House

dAGI House is a collaborative hackathon and hacker house focused on decentralized AI. Co-organized by cyberFund and EpicWeb3, it aims to provide a platform for developers and researchers to collaborate on projects in decentralized AI.[1]


dAGI House is a hackathon and hacker house focused on developing decentralized AI. Co-organized by cyberFund and EpicWeb3, it aims to explore the design space for AI applications, agents, and protocols to ensure equitable, unbiased, and personalized access to AI technologies.

The initiative acknowledges that while AI enhances human capabilities in various tasks, the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) requires a collaborative effort beyond the resources of any single organization. Centralized control over AGI could lead to manipulation, bias, and censorship.

dAGI House seeks to address these concerns by promoting a decentralized network of autonomous agents and specialized models, gradually contributing to the creation of AGI.[1][2][3][4]


Decentralized A(G)I

Decentralized AGI aims to develop autonomous agents, data pipelines, distributed infrastructure, user-owned models, and self-sovereign data and identity for AI. This includes creating identity systems, , and for agent interactions, and establishing financial systems for AI.

The initiative focuses on collaborative and crowdsourced datasets, data labeling, synthetic data generation, and model training. It aims to enable inference on edge devices and create decentralized marketplaces for compute providers.

User-owned models are optimized using custom models, distillation techniques, and inference optimizations. The initiative also prioritizes self-sovereign data and identity, ensuring individual control over data and identity in AI systems.[2]

Web3 for AI

for AI aims to integrate technology and decentralized frameworks into AI development. It includes decentralized incentives and tokenomics for ML research and crowdsourced work. Privacy-preserving AI applications and verifiable compute methods are prioritized. Governance features DAO-style decision-making and co-owned models. Fundraising infrastructure, like Initial Model Offering software, supports AI projects.[2]

AI for Web3

AI for aims to integrate artificial intelligence into decentralized networks. This involves using AI for tasks like spam protection, content moderation, and personalized content recommendation in social networks. Additionally, AI models can generate diverse content and narratives for gaming. In , AI assists in on-chain quant trading, price estimation, and prediction.

For DAO governance, AI facilitates discussion summarization, consensus-building, and voting processes. It also enhances security through automated auditing and simulation.[2]


The organizers of dAGI House consist of cyberFund and EpicWeb3.

cyberFund's objective is to support entrepreneurs at all stages of development, with a focus on advancing the transition to an open cybernetic economy. They aim to back innovators in fields like , artificial intelligence, and robotics, offering assistance across various operational aspects to facilitate project success.

EpicWeb3 specializes in coordinating conferences and cultivating communities. They aim to facilitate collaboration and innovation within the and AI developer communities through their events, which have been held globally and online over the past year.[2]

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dAGI House

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