Dogamí is a play-to-earn, Metaverse-ready, virtual companion. Gamers can engage in various activities in the Petaverse: adopt, play, earn (based on contributions), compete and socialize. [6]


Dogami is a mobile-first play-to-earn game that is centered around 3D dog avatars. It is also an exclusive NFT game where users have true digital ownership of their game items. Adopt, play, earn, and socialize are the four main activities available in the Petaverse. [1][4]

The game's main goal is to create the best and rarest Dogami possible (virtual dog). Every Dogami will go through three stages of development: puppy, adult, and spirit.

To level up avatar, user must care for their Dogami and play casual mini-games that correspond to real-life activities undertaken at various phases of their Dogami's development.

The game-native utility token '$DOGA' is issued by Dogami, which is built on the Tezos network. [2]

$DOGA Token Utility

The Petaverse's native currency, the $DOGA token, reflects the energy generated by an interaction between a pet and its owner. To generate additional energy (in the form of tokens), players must spend $DOGA on their Dogami.

$DOGA is also a Petaverse admittance ticket/access token. As a result, to access and engage in specific Petaverse activities, players must hold a minimum of $DOGA.

The $DOGA is a limited yet valuable resource. A total of 1,000,000,000 $DOGA are available. It makes use of the Tezos FA1.2 token standard, which is brand new.

The $DOGA serves three purposes:

Digital Voucher

The $DOGA token is a digital voucher that can be used to buy virtual dogs, NFTs, accessories, consumables, and other in-game features and add-ons within the Dogami digital ecosystem. The pricing of in-game elements can be expressed in fiat currency, with the matching amounts in $DOGA determined in real-time.

Governance Features

To promote a community-oriented decentralized governance, $DOGA tokens will allow holders to propose and vote during DAO governance meetings (i.e. Townhall Gatherings) to determine new features, upgrades, and/or parameters to the ecosystem or provide feedback.

Staking Features

The network's goal is to recognize and reward active contributors. As a result, users who $DOGA to get access/participate/play games, or offer liquidity on other decentralized platforms in exchange for LP tokens, will be rewarded with $DOGA or other NFT assets with Petaverse utility (most notably accessories).


Initial Allocation of Reward Pools

Every month, a predetermined number of $DOGA awards are distributed. The Dogami early notion of the initial distribution of the 1 billion $DOGA.

Continuous Feeding of Reward Pools

$DOGA is a currency that can only be used in-game. For example, purchasing products (consumables) in order to increase the chances of receiving bigger rewards. To incentivize active participants, 30% of the $DOGA profits are distributed into the various Reward Pools after a 50:50 split in the beginning.

Dogami NFT Features

Every Dogami is distinct and can be identified by a variety of visual and non-visual characteristics. These characteristics play a big role in determining user Dogami's Rarity Score and scarcity rank.

Using the rarity ranking table, gamers are able to track the uniqueness of their dogs and what makes them so remarkable.

Visual features: Rarity Tier, Eye Color, Fur Color, and Breed.

Non-visual features: Personality, Dog Stats (Vitality, Robustness, Intelligence, Friendliness, Obedience), Body Attributes, Dog Group, Gender.


Generation Alpha is the first game released by Dogami. Generation Alpha will be limited to 800 Dogami per breed and will help to establish the breed's original population. The breeding of these original dogs determines the following population increase of each breed.

Rarity Tiers

There are four Rarity Tiers for each breed. After minting the NFTs, players can be treated to a spectacular unboxing event and will be allocated a Dogami at random.

Rarity TierProbability

The Dogami's total Rarity Score (which is part of the Dogami Score) is decided not only by his or her Rarity Tier, but also by his or her Fur Color, Eye Color, Personality (dominant and recessive), and Generation. The Rarity Score is calculated based on the number of occurrences of specific traits within the entire population of Dogamí NFTs.

Dogamí Personality

Aside from the Stats, every Dogami is born with two 'Personalities,' one dominant and the other recessive. Dogami personalities can be passed down through the generations and will affect their future offspring. There are 30 different personalities on the whole list, each with a particular rarity and influence on the Stat. Some may boost some stats while lowering others, resulting in a tradeoff. Their impact will differ depending on their classification. The Personalities are equally distributed over all Rarity Tiers. The three classes of personalities are: Super Rare (5%), Rare (20%), and Common (75%).


Dogami is a game about adopting, growing, and bonding with a virtual NFT dog at various stages of his or her life. This is similar to Tamagotchi and Nintendogs, but on the new level, "Petaverse." Each maturity stage have its own tasks, gaming loops, and reward mechanisms. Players need to actively care for their four-legged friends as part of the MVP in order to build their shared bond and earn daily $DOGA prizes.

The Dogamí Life-Cycle

Phase 1: Nurture, Raise and Train Dogamí

In order for a Dogami to progress past Phase 1, players must care for and nurture their three-dimensional NFT while also teaching them particular tricks based on real-life situations. The game's first phase will include Augmented Reality elements and will primarily consist of casual single-player gaming.

Phase 2: Get Ready for the Dog's Adult Life

Breeding elements and competitive multiplayer mini-games included in Phase 2, which are inspired by genuine canine sports and vocations. By participating in training events, players can pursue specific career paths. In addition, gamers can have the opportunity to compete in the Annual Dogami Olympics, where only the top performing dogs are rewarded in a winner-take-all tournament.

Phase 3: Land in the Petaverse during the Spirit Phase

After completing at least one career track and maximizing the breed count, users can reach Phase 3. In the Spirit Phase, Dogami get additional ownership rights in the Petaverse, allowing them to buy pieces of land and host activities of their choosing while collecting a portion of the cash earned by the latter.


In March 2022, Dogami collaborated with The Sandbox (SAND) to bring its dog avatars into the metaverse. By acquiring a 3X3 Estate S-Land, Dogami intends to establish a Community Hub and introduce the first-ever pet-friendly experience in The Sandbox.

Both the companies will organise two separate giveaways to their fans to celebrate their new partnership. The Dogami Discord members can win 5 Sandbox Alpha passes, and The Sandbox community members can win 5 limited-edition voxel Dogami avatars. [5]


CEO Max Stöckl, Chief Technology Officer Bilal El Alamy, Chief Operating Officer Adrien Magdelaine, and Chief Business Officer Kristofer Dayne Penseyres co-founded Dogami in mid-2021. A European team of more than thirty people is working on the project, including art director Gregory Magadoux, who previously worked at Ubisoft.

Ubisoft, Animoca, and Xange Venture were among the world-famous investors who helped the firm raise $6 million. Dogam's first NFT drop of 8,000 dog avatars sold out in just a few hours, putting them to the top of the Tezos NFT platform in terms of volume traded.

Dodami aspires to be the first platform for a broad audience to experience the power of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) in a gamified environment, as well as actual digital ownership of user gaming avatars in their own Petaverse. [3]

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