DxChain Token (DX) is a decentralized big data and machine learning network powered by a computing-centric blockchain. Also, DxChain is a public chain, aims to design a platform to solve computation of big data in a decentralized environment. [1]


The DxChain is designed to support a variety of machine learning and data mining algorithms, data storage, music/video streaming, and many other applications. Developers from various sectors could leverage DxChain in different ways. [2]

DxChain Network is designed to assign several roles to manage and schedule jobs in the system which achieves the computation goal in a centralized parallel computing system. Built on top of the DxChain Network, a collection of tools would be developed to speed up the computation and analysis process. [3][1]

DxChain Network is a big data and machine learning network which is powered by a computing-centric blockchain with a native protocol token (also called “DX”). Unlike Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum, where the incentives are driving miners to sustain the huge amount of computation needed to maintain the blockchain consensus, the DxChain Network provides miners incentives based on the usefulness of the work that they passively provide: storage and computation. 

DxChain Network

DxChain Network provides two fundamental capabilities: computation and storage. The blockchain of the DxChain Network supports a variety of machine learning and data mining algorithms, data storage, music/ video streaming, and many other applications. Developers from different industries could potentially leverage the DxChain Network in different ways.

The DxChain Network is designed to serve as a data trading platform for users who want to sell their data. Big data and machine learning computation is intended to make the use of data easier and more flexible.

Three use cases in the DxChain powered ecosystem are described below.

Smart City: DxChain users can directly run machine learning analysis on the dataset which sensors generate each day and create actionable business intelligence report to guide their business daily decisions. Our ecosystem developer could leverage it to build their own machine learning app. [1]

Healthcare: Reduce cost for storing data and traffic. Data encrypted and stored in the blockchain in a tractable and secure way. Data exchange and sharing are enabled using DxChain’s data model to standardize data. Machine learning enables healthcare vendors to build their own AI to monitor patient’s health and to send in critical vital signals.[1]

AI Model Training: DxChain, a decentralized big data and machine learning blockchain could let the AI vendors benefit in many ways. Our ecosystem developer could leverage DxChain to build their own machine learning Dapp.[3]

DxChain Token

DX is a non-refundable functional utility token that can be used as the unit of exchange between participants on the DxChain Network. The native digital cryptographically-secured utility token (Blockchain) of the DxChain Network (DX) is a major component of the ecosystem on the DxChain Network, and is designed to be used solely as the primary token on the network. [1]

DX is required as virtual crypto “fuel” for using certain designed functions on the DxChain Network, providing the economic incentives which will be consumed to encourage participants to contribute and maintain the ecosystem on the DxChain Network. DxChain Network is a decentralized system that triggers the difficulty of keeping real-time communications between two nodes in a Peer to Peer (P2P) network. [2]

Data Model

The DxChain Network is designed to not only provide the data storage function; it also gives the flexibility of retrieving files at a more granular scale. DxChain Network supports both schema-on-read and schema-on-write operations. The schema-on-read allows for the rapid landing of large amounts of data into the storage but requires extensive tagging of such data to ensure that it is generally usable across the network.[2]

The schema-on-write data storage requires a lot more up-front preparation and ongoing transformation of the incoming data, so it is more expensive to set up and maintain but has the advantage of storing the data in a more standardized and consistent fashion.[2]

Data Model Enabled Privacy Preserving. The DxChain Network supports data models for structured datasets, so clients should encrypt columns containing sensitive data such as SSN before submitting their data to the network. [1]


  • Allan Zhang - Co-Founder

Expert in blockchain and network security. Founder of Trustlook and a serial entrepreneur.

  • James Li - Co-Founder

Experienced in blockchain system design and architecture. Tripwire principal security architect. 10+ years experience of network security.

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