DXdao is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that develops, governs, and grows open finance protocols and products. It was initialized in May of 2019 and currently has over 400 unique stakeholder addresses. Their objective is to apply the innovations of blockchain to make basic, important, and decentralized finance applications for all people. The DXdao at its core is composed of people recognized by the merit achieved and engraved in their hexadecimal characters.[1]

The DXdao is owned by its reputation holders, also called "stakeholders". Your proportion of the dao's reputation determines your voting weight. This reputation is owned by Ethereum addresses that collectively control the set of smart contracts that is the DXdao, and the projects it administers. Some DXdao members assert themselves as the owners of certain addresses, other address owners are anonymous.[2]


Initially created to guide the DutchX trading protocol, the DXdao was launched in May 2019 out of an effort led by Gnosis yet open to all. The initial distribution of reputation was carried out in a fully open process, with any would-be member able to earn a reputation in a number of ways. Since then, the DXdao has directed its own actions according to its members. In one short year, the DXdao has grown into a broader-scoped and more capable collective.

DXD is the economic token of the DXdao. It is a transferable ERC-20 token that grants its holders a right to the revenue of the DXdao, as well as certain privileges or premier services on DXdao-owned products. Reputation is the governance mechanism that controls the DXdao. It is non-transferable and holders have a right - and implicit duty - to govern and direct the collective.

DXD and reputation holders need not overlap, yet it is likely some piece of each stakeholder group will hold both to all the more tightly couple their interests. As holding DXD is the more inactive way - and the one attached to economic success - it will likely be the more widely owned stake in the system.

The DXdao is giving DXD tokens through a persistent pledge drive. The DXD token is fresh out of the plastic new token. Buyers of DXD are subsidizing the endeavors of the DXdao in return for a privilege to future incomes.[3][4][5][6]

Partnership & Investors

Presently, DxDao has two investors: DaoStack and Gnosis.[7][8]

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